A letter to my listeners …

Dear listener …


Nah, scrap that … that would be an awkward way to start an update.

That said, I actually do really like you … but in a podcast-host / listener kind of way.

Anyway, enough romance. This is business. Small business. Small business BIG marketing, in fact.

And it’s time for an update … one that will help improve the way you go about marketing that love of yours.

It’s been five juicy episodes since my last email – thanks for those who emailed me asking if I’d gone MIA. That’s love, right there :)

Well, I hadn’t gone MIA – I’ve still been punching out an episode per week – it’s more that I’ve been pondering how best to provide you with marketing updates that help grow your business, and not simply telling you there’s a fresh new episode of your favourite show out.

I’ve been surprised at the amount of unsubscribes I get from listeners saying they don’t need to be reminded when a new episode comes out as it shows up in their iTunes. There’s no love there :(

So, here’s the dealio … From now on, I’m going to write you a weekly letter full of marketing L O V E  … yep, it’ll tell you about a new episode, but will also update you on a cool new marketing tip I’ve come across, tool I’ve found or some other useful news. Might even include a pic of Charles (he’s my pooch ;0)

http://chabotmuseum.nl/?y=where-to-buy-prednisone-uk where to buy prednisone uk. So, what are we waiting for? There’s enquiry to generate. Business to build. Customers to satisfy.

OK, so in no particular order, let’s work backwards!

How to create engaging marketing videos with your iPhone – This week I interviewed Jules Watkins, a former BBC / MTV TV Director who’s just released a brilliant training program showing small business owners how to nail their video marketing. Check out his http://nstone.com/?c=order-cytotec-online order cytotec online. . And even if you’re not wanting to do video marketing (you really should), it’s worth checking out the way Jules has created this training product – it’s a super duper way to add a new, passive revenue stream to your business.

The lighter side of marketing – Now marketing is serious business, right? Well, I’m not sure I totally agree – it’s also a whole lot of fun. Better than Accounting! That’s why I’ve created buy bactrim canada check.

Success secrets from the creator of America’s Best Sandwich winner – Last week I interviewed Tommy Nicolosi from DiNics – a little sandwich stand in downtown Philadelphia that won a bloody big award! where to buy cytotec in nigeria. it and the importance of QUALITY EVERYTHING in his marketing mix. I loved chatting with Tommy – PLUS he’s met The Fonz!

Exclusive Listener Packages – As you know, where to buy antabuse online. is just $80 and is ideal for any small biz owner itching to get a leg-up online, but not sure where to start.

How to make money and do a world of good – Ironically, the interview prior to Tommy’s was with Rebecca Scott who’s created buy prednisolone 5mg for dogs. from being a CSIRO scientist to a social entrepreneur.

Tool Of The Week – No, not that kind of tool. Although I may think of creating another segment where I highlight someone instead of something! I mean a tool that will improve your marketing. Right now, I’m loving http://profi-clanky.cz/?c=where-to-purchase-celebrex where to purchase celebrex. . It’s very cool mind-mapping and brainstorming software that I use a lot in planning out an idea (like a letter to listeners ;0)

http://mass-backlinks.com/?c=order-augmentin-online order augmentin online.

Funny Business – Sheeesh … If that’s not enough, I’ve teamed up with Andrew Griffiths, Australia’s #1 small business author, for a regular bout of funny business. Basically, every fourth episode of SBBM you’ll hear AG and I go deep and wide (I’m deep, AG’s wide ;0) on small business issues that attract our attention. how to buy bactrim online. .

Did you know Sydney’s most popular retail attraction is a small business?! Damn right, it is. And it’s a very cool one at that! buy avodart australia. – it will blow your mind what he does. Most chilled job EVER … or is it?!

So, it’s happy days in the land of small business big marketing. I hope you LOVED the update as much as I love bringing you content that’s laser-focussed on helping you grow you business through smart marketing.

If there’s someone you’d love me to interview, a topic you’d love to learn more about or you’ve got a marketing conundrum you’d love solved, then send me an email (hit the tab on the far left) or voicemail (hit the tab on the far right).

Love your work …

where can i buy cytotec in usa.

Timbo  :0)