Facebook lead ads are a fast & easy way to generate leads for your business. My old mate Lukey from LeadSync will how you how to build and optimise your first Lead ad campaign in this video course.

Timbo Reid.

Need More Leads?

Meta, aka Facebook & Instagram, still has the largest user base out of all social media networks. Learn how to generate leads from the 3.6 billion who use their platform.

  • 45 minutes of video tutorials that teach you all you need to know to launch and optimise your first lead ad campaign.
  • Learn how to find your target audience amongst the 3.6B Facebook * Instagram users.
  • Find our why lead ads are the easiest way to generate leads from people on mobile devices,

What You'll Learn

In 45 minutes of video lessons, this course will show you how to build your
first Facebook & Instagram Lead ad campaign. You'll learn...

  • What makes Facebook Lead ads one of the best lead gen tools for businesses
  • The AIDA & SPIN Sellings models for creating high converting ads
  • Ad examples and how to spy on your competitors.
  • How to design your own ad images without employing expensive designers
  • Step by step guide to building and optimizing your first campaign

Who Is This Course For?

This video tutorial course is for small business owners, marketers, virtual assistants and entrepreneurs
who want to learn how to effectively generate leads from Facebook & Instagram.

B2B & B2C business owners who want to generate more leads for their business.

Marketers who want to create Facebook & Instagram lead ad campaigns

Virtual assistants who are helping SME's with their social media markering.

Entrepreneurs who want to test a business idea and build an email list.

What’s Included

We know business owners and marketers are busy, so we've kept this course short and sweet.

  • 16 easy to digest videos
  • 45 minutes in total of video tutorials
  • Lifetime access to course material

What Students are Saying

I found it easy to follow and very informative.
Bernie Griffiths
The content is spot on to break down the barrier for entry into Facebook marketing.
Ben Kirk
This course introduced me to using Facebook leads as an option. It's not something that I had considered before, but now I can see how easily and useful they can be to generate leads for my business. The training here gives an indepth walkthrough on the technical aspects of how to set one up, and also provides marketing insights so that I can ensure my advertising money has a good ROI.
Emma Rhoades