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#134 Comfort zone danger, spell-check drama, existing clients are best plus marketing tips from Vietnam.

It’s time for another round of Funny Business with Timbo and AG. This time:

– Timbo shares a recent happening with a Scoopon experience.
– We discuss those embarrassing moments when spell check lets you down.
– We share some ideas about how to maximise business from an existing client.
– AG suggests the comfort zone is a dangerous place to be for small business owners.

PLUS I’m just back from giving a marketing keynote in Vietnam (I do love being a marketing speaker!) and I share three marketing lessons from the crazy city of Saigon!

Oh, and I also share what’s happening inside the Small Business Big Marketing Forum.

Comfort zone danger, spell-check drama, existing clients are best plus marketing tips from Vietnam.

#133 V8 Supercars’ CEO explains how important knowing your tribe is.

David Malone is the CEO of V8 Supercars. I had the pleasure of having a fireside chat (well, trackside really) with him recently whilst I was down in Launceston, Tasmania as a guest of Microsoft Office 365 . David takes us behind the scenes of the marketing of V8 Supercars in Australia and New Zealand – which, whilst it looks like a very big business, V8 Supercars is still a very small business employing 60 full time staff around the country. What it is though, is a small business doing very big marketing.

We can learn a lot from David, as whilst he may be the head honcho of the organisation, he makes it his business to get to know the fans – and boy are they passionate! H is often seen walking the track, shaking hands, asking what he and his team could be doing better. Never to shy of asking the hard questions, he is well underway in nurturing a strong event driven brand in the Australia (world) motor sport industry.

Plus I share a very interesting experience I had this week in which I had to talk about myself for one whole hour … and explain why you should try it!

V8 Supercars’ CEO explains how important knowing your tribe is.

#132 Stop waiting for your website to be perfect and get on with it!

This is the story of how Vintage Tub and Bath, a $25 million dollar a year online and offline business started from under two brother’s parent’s deck! That was 15 years ago … and now it’s cleaning up (excuse the bath jokes, they’re unavoidable!) and is ranked in the top 500 online businesses in America.

The really interesting part of this story is this online store hasn’t had a decent make-over in well over seven years – yet it’s still raking in twenty five big ones a year in revenue. Now that’s exciting – as I far too often hear small business owners hide behind the excuse of “I’m just waiting for my website to be updated before I get on with the rest of my marketing.”

PLUS I share some marketing insights from my recent family holiday in Sydney, and cover off some marketing topics currently being discussed in the Small Business Big Marketing Forum (which you really should be a Member of at only $49 / month!

Listen up …

Stop waiting for your website to be perfect and get on with it!

#131 Email marketing tips for small business. This is hot, hot, hot!

Email marketing tips and tricks. Who doesn’t want some of that!? Clearly there’s a whole lot of listeners out there who do, as when I posted on the show’s Facebook the fact that I was interviewing an email marketing expert the amount of questions you had for him exceeded thirty!

The reality is that so many small business owners use email marketing as part of their marketing strategy, however, so many (the majority?) just aren’t getting the return from their investment that they’d like. How many times have you sent out an email to your customers only to be bitterly disappointed with the results? You and me, both!

Well, that’s all about to change as Shayne Tilley, email marketer extraordinaire, takes us behind the scenes of what makes for an effective and responsive email marketing campaign. Enjoy!

#131 Email marketing tips for small business. This is hot, hot, hot!

#130 How Flying Solo grew to a thriving 56,000+ member online community.

Robert Gerrish is the co-founder of Flying Solo, Australia’s largest online community of soloprenuers. Solo what? Soloprenuers … Those motivated and interesting individuals who choose to work alone. As far as online communities go, it was started back in 2005 and is a treasure trove of information to help anyone build a better small business.

Robert also had the foresight to make contact with me two and a half years ago when the Small Business Big Marketing show was just getting off the ground, suggesting that a joint venture was in order. That partnership still exists to this day and involves Flying Solo getting a mention in each episode and my show being shared amongst the Flying Solo community every week.

Robert explains exactly how they went about building this thriving business. Plus I share an email I received from a member of the Small Business Big Marketing Forum explaining (much more succinctly than me) why I started it and what you can expect! Enjoy …

#130 How Flying Solo grew to a thriving 56,000+ member online community.

#129 How to rebrand a business.

This is an encouraging story of a small business doing big marketing. Not massive marketing. Not ground breaking marketing. Jut good solid marketing following a tried and tested process of getting clear on your brand first, establishing clear messages around what they do and then applying the outcome of that clarity to all future touch points – business name, stationary, signage, website, imagery, social media channels and so on.

The business that has just been through this transformation is Caboodle Financial Services … previously known as Delta Group.

What a difference already, huh?!

It’s owner, Peita Dimantidis, recently attended a marketing keynote I gave in Sydney, did a whole lot of reading and then (and most importantly) took a whole lot of action. Swift action without hesitation. As I always say …. action creates reaction. That’s where the magic lies.

If you’re thinking a rebranding of your existing business is in order, then take a listen to how Peita went about it.

PLUS in this episode I give an update on what’s happening with my last guests dream of getting a date with Kylie Minogue; and I’ve found out why Seth Godin declined to come on The Small Business Big Marketing Show (and it’s encouraged me to not give up). I think he misinterpreted what my show was all about … and my role in the mix.

#129 How to rebrand a business.

#128 Trying to get a date with Kylie has its (business) rewards!

Brighton-based business executive and fellow marketer, John Dingeldei wants a date with Kylie Minogue. Who doesn’t! In fact, Dannii would be just fine!

However, unlike my perverted reasons for wanting one, John’s are pure – he’s raising money for a number of charities as part of a campaign called 5 Dates In 5 Weeks.

He’s already knocked off his first four dates (so to speak!) and has now set his sights on a little tait de tait with one of the most well known women in the Western world. Good on him, I say!

John approached me via email, asking if I could help him get this fifth, albeit very challenging, date. Now whilst I don’t know Kylie, I’m reckoning that the six degrees of seperation law that applies to us all will reveal that one of my listeners will have access to her and make it happen. Enjoy and let’s see if we can make it happen.

#128 Trying to get a date with Kylie has its (business) rewards!

#127 Video marketing made easy with Wistia’s Chris Savage.

Chris Savage is the Co-Founder & CEO of Wistia – a smart and simple video marketing and hosting service.

His Twitter profile outlines his obsessions as: marketing, analytics, IPAs, coffee, and ping pong.

But what he’s known for is his passion for video marketing . as he says “Every business that I have seen that has invested in video, has done better for it.”

In this episode of TheSmall Business Big Marketing Show, I ask Chris why the small business owner should invest in video & how to go about creating engaging video that generates seriously strong returns for your small business.

#127 Video marketing made easy with Wistia’s Chris Savage.

#126 Olivia Fox on charisma – A very under-utilised marketing strategy.

Olivia Fox is a leading expert in the area of charisma. And this fireside chat I had with her has convinced me that charisma is a under-used marketing strategy by us motivated small business owners. And the good news is, you don’t need to be born charismatic … charisma can be learned. Phew!

My 3 key learnings from this episode to apply in your business are:

1. Charisma can be learnt.
2. Charisma is a seriously under-utilised marketing tactic which, once nailed, will provide you with a unique point-of-difference.
3. Don’t underestimate the vibe we give out when amongst clients and prospects and how it impacts on our sales process.

PLUS (there’s always more, isn’t there?!) …. I share a marketing success one of my Deep Dive Mastermind members had. Happy days!

#126 Olivia Fox on charisma – A very under-utilised marketing strategy.

#125 Content Marketing with Joe Pulizzi.

Joe Pulizzi is the Founder of the Content Marketing Institute – a man way ahead of his time. With content marketing really hitting its straps this year, this fireside chat with Joe reveals everything any small business owner needs to know in order to ride the content marketing wave. And it’s a big wave, team, so hop on it!

PLUS I share an insight I’ve recently gleaned from running my Deep Dive Mastermind. It’s all about the importance of acknowledging the opportunity cost when marketing our businesses. Enjoy!

#125 Content Marketing with Joe Pulizzi.