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SBBM #30: Secrets to using Facebook as a small business marketing tool

Jennifer Sheahan hands over her best kept secrets on how to use Facebook as a small business marketing tool. She talks about Fan Page design, Facebook Ads and answers all

SBBM 29: Why marketing should be at the heart of your business

Pete Williams sold the MCG for $500 at the age of 21, has been named Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year, owns a phone company, a finger food business

SBBM #28: How to generate free publicity.

Free publicity. Bring that on! And no, it’s not a joke. The very lovely Rebecca Derrington, founder and owner of Source Bottle shows you exactly how to get it. Plus

SBBM #27: How to Raise Sponsorship.

There’s this guy Tristan who’s running 52 marathons in 52 weeks…all over the world. He wants to raise $100,00 for UNICEF. He also wants some sponsors to join him (financially,

SBBM #26: It’s a listener love-in!

Listener questions are the focus of today’s show. So, we go head to head shedding our marketing spotlight on such curlies as How do we define marketing?; What are the

SBBM #25: 10 Marketing Nuggets to Help Grow Your Business (Part 2)

Part 2 of 10 Marketing Nuggets to Help Grow Your Business, find out the next 5 (or more!) great marketing tips. 6. Get speaking – Here’s the best training course around

SBBM #24: 10 Marketing Nuggets to Help Grow your Business (Part #1)

Every now and then we like to surprise and delight you (actually we aim to do that all the time!), our treasured listener, with some little marketing nuggets laser-focused on

SBBM #23: Meet Yiying, The Twitter Fail Whale Designer

Imagine being responsible for designing one of the world’s most famous online branding…and being paid less than five bucks for the privilege! Our guest did exactly that… and she’d do

The Small Business Big Marketing INTENSIVE – 2 HUGE Days

Off the back of Australia’s #1 Marketing show, I’m very please to share with you The Small Business Big Marketing INTENSIVE – 2 HUGE Days at The Caulfield Racecourse in

SBBM #22 – Is Advertising for You? Russel Howcroft Thinks So.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our beguile of of the advertising industry, just read the first chapter of Timbo’s book – Cha Ching. However, we thought we’d