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Net Registry

Podcast #5 – Listener Questions about Networking & Web Marketing

Tim and Luke step out of the studio to answer a few listener questions about networking and setting up a website for a new business. This episode’s a short one

Podcast #4: The Tricks to Using Publicity to Build Your Small Business

We chat with Flip Shelton, PR expert, writer, presenter and muesli maker, about how you develop your story and promote it journalists for inclusion in traditional and online press.

Podcast #3: Finding a Niche in a Crowded Market Place

Mel Bridge, owner and founder of GXY Search, a recruitment company for gen x and y’ers, talks to us about her niche and how she uses networking and relationship building

Podcast #2: How a Corporate Marketer Built a Successful Small Business of His Own

Darren, co-owner and operator of St Kilda Boat Sales, tells how his passion for boats took him from the corporate technology maketing world into his dream business.

Podcast #1: How a Mechanic Changed the Campervan Hire Business

John, founder and owner of Wicked Campers, tells us how he’s used affordable and novel marketing ideas to turn a small fleet of vans into an international campervan hire business.