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“Ironically, the less you try to sell the more you actually sell. This outstanding playbook is for any businessperson wanting to outflank their competition through the power of helpful marketing!”

You’ll Build a Tribe of Loyal Customers

and an incredibly strong brand resulting
in a thriving business.

That’s The Boomerang Effect in action.
Join me, marketing expert Tim Reid, as I introduce you to the blindingly
simple, yet highly effective concept of Helpful Marketing.

In this lively and practical account across 256-pages, backed up by case study after case study, I show business owners and marketers:

  • How & why being helpful is critical to your marketing’s success
  • Why you should stop pushing and start pulling
  • How to turn the marketing of your business into a hobby
  • How to create messages your customers love
  • Why you are who Google says you are
  • How to embrace and master modern marketing channels including video, podcasting, blogging and social media
  • Plus loads more marketing tips and tricks
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“I have one simple rule – if Timbo says to do it – do it. His Helpful Marketing concept is the way of the future.”

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Oh yeah … I love the B word.
Email me with how many you’re after and I’ll cut you the deal of a lifetime.

A. I’ll post them to the moon if someone orders one from up there. Email me and let me know your postal address and how many copies you’d like, and I’ll let you know how muchie you’ll need to Paypal me.

A. I don’t know. I don’t know you. However, if you’re responsible for the marketing of anything, then hell yeah, it’s for you.

A. If you find any, you can have your money back.

A. More than I ever wrote at school. More than I ever thought I’d write. 47, 563 … but who’s counting?

A. Yep. B2B. B2C. Oops, that gobbledygook! Look the bottomline is, what’s important is P2P – people to people. If you sell to people then you’ll love The Boomerang Effect.

A. Great question … Especially when just one of the ideas in this book lead a mortgage broker to selling an extra $4,000,000 of mortgages in 6-months. What price can you put on an idea? I may well put the price up sometime soon ;0)

A. The only reason this could possibly happen is if you don’t implement at least one idea I share. The magic is always in the implementation. It always is … always has been.

A. No, and I wouldn’t say flippant. I’m just wanting to put a smile on your dial. The book’s written how I speak – friendly and entertainingly (most of the time) … without the flippancy. Is that even a word?

A. Cool. I spent 20-years in corporate marketing. I ended up with a pretty flash office, too. I wish I’d had the knowledge of The Boomerang Effect back then … I may have ended up with an even flashier office. Know what I’m sayin’?