How I Became Obsessed With Helping
The Small Business Owner Grow

I’ve been in marketing all my
working life

I’ve been in marketing all my working life. In fact I even studied it at uni. I then spent 20 years working for the man – 10 at Clemengers (Australia’s largest advertising agency at the time) servicing the advertising needs of brands including Gillette, Dulux, Yellow Pages and AXA (I know, how funny’s that?). And at BrandHouse Arnold looking after Fairfax Media and Diners Club. I even picked up the odd award along the way.

It was during those days that
epiphany #1 and #2 happened

(I know, two in a row … most people don’t get any in a lifetime!).

The first one was that when I met small business owners and they out I managed the marketing communications for really big brands they always had loads of questions about their own business; which, if I took the time to answer they’d be so appreciative and actually head off and action them immediately. Compare that to the endless meetings and power plays in corporate life and this was invigorating.

My second epiphany came when I realised that much (most) of the marketing disciplines we applied to build big brands applied just as equally to small business. The only difference was the budgets – more money let you do more things more often.

Then, after 10 years as ad guy, I cleansed my soul for a couple of years by helping Melbourne-based not-for-profit, Reach Youth, bring to life their biggest fundraiser ever. That was amazing.

It was at Reach that I had my third ah-ha moment. You see, whilst I was filling a marketing role, I also loved mentoring some of the young Reach kids – and I remember thinking Damn, maybe I should be a teacher like John Keating … Robin William’s character in Dead Poet’s Society! That idea took shape … but I wasn’t quite ready to make the leap into my own business.

So I headed back into corporate as a Marketing Manager at Flight Centre. Tough gig, that was. With a young family, constant travel and living down the coast but working in town, the idea of running my own small business took hold. Serious hold!

So I jumped ship (well plane given I was at Flight Centre) and started my own business … The Ideas Guy – a marketing consultancy that showed the small business owner how to make their baby irresistible.

Ironically, my first client was a not-so-small business in Smorgon Steel – who I helped market their first Corporate Social Responsibility campaign.

That was eight years ago…

and since then I’ve been busy doing what I love, helping thousands of small business owners create something that’s truly irresistible. I do this through public speaking (check my marketing speaker’s site out here), my Forum, through workshops and webinars I run throughout the year, and of course, my beloved podcast.

Launched four years ago, The Small Business Big Marketing Show has gone from strength to strength.

I’d been listening to podcasts for a while and couldn’t believe that a small business could now have their own show.

Plus podcasting played right into my love of sharing knowledge, chatting with successful people and motivating others to be their best.

My show is now (more often than not) ranked as the #1 marketing show on the Apple iTunes store. And is downloaded by motivated small business owners in over 110 countries (including Kazakhstan!).

Plus you’ll often find me speaking somewhere in the world at a conference or event. So that’s who’s behind Small Business Big Marketing.

But all you need to know is this … The marketing landscape has changed significantly in the past few years.

All in favour of you, the small business owner. You, with the modest marketing budget, can now punch way above your marketing weight. Just like I do everyday. Like I said, there really has never been a better time to market a small business. Ever. Join me as I show you how.

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