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How a stand-up comedian used comedy to build two million dollar mortgage-broking businesses (and had a breakdown in between) | #429

Comedian Marty Vids on how he uses comedy to build businesses people love | Listener Daniel shares what marketing is working for him | This week’s jingle is for those who like it lite on the fizz | Exciting news on upcoming guests

Shark Tank shark Andrew Banks on how to build an empire … and which rockstar he’d love to be! | #428

Andrew Banks on how we can do better in business (and life) | A podcast success from a UK Listener | This week’s jingle is for Aussie kids who grew up in the 80s | and exciting news on upcoming guests

Bill Watson of Hey Billy on Small Business Big Marketing Show

This iconic Australian business has been quietly keeping customers happy for 48 years | #427

What’s your dream job? I’ve got a few, but one is selling ice-creams on the beach. Like I mean … Right. On. The. Beach! Well, today’s guest does exactly that, and he’s been doing it for 48 years!!

A marketing mindset hack I’ve been using for 9-years +++ plenty more marketing G.O.L.D. | #426

A marketing mindset hack | How to get your helpful content found online | Another listener wins big | And an advertising jingle to get you coughing and spluttering!

The Capstone Pitching Technique – A beautifully simple way to pitch that beautiful business of yours

What do you say when you’re in a business setting and someone asks “So, what do you do?” Some business owners respond with a rational answer like “I’m a Lawyer”. Others freeze! Whilst others bumble their way through some long-winded answer that sends the asker to sleep!! But it doesn’t have to be that way.