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How to create a highly profitable customer manifesto with Platinum Electricians Joshua Nichols | #433

Platinum Electricians Joshua Nichols has designed a knock-out 21-step customer manifesto | I rant about a negative customer experience I had recently | This week’s jingle will send you bananas

Ex-pilot Saya McDermott thanks social media for her skincare brand’s success | #432

Saya Skincare founder Saya McDermott on why and how she launched her own skincare brand | UK listener Tony Roger shares what marketing is working for him | This week’s jingle is for anyone who’s Dad ‘picks the fruit’ ;0)

Scumbags Barber Shop is a polarising brand … but for those that love it, they wouldn’t go anywhere else | #431

Barber Harrison Mallory on how he’s organically grown Scumbags Barber Shop | Listener Cameron gets and gives some marketing advice | This week’s jingle is for hungry little human beans!

Crazy adventurer (or is he?) James Castrission on why and how we need to take more risks | #430

Adventurer James Castrission on why risk-taking is good for business | Listener Suman is ready to shut up shop | This week’s jingle is in Greek! | Exciting news on upcoming guests

6 Types of Logos that Small Businesses Should Consider

Whether you’re launching or building a small business, your logo design will be an important part of your brand, your website, and your marketing collateral. To help you navigate getting