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Shaun Latham marketplace guy

How to Scale Your E-Commerce Business via Marketplaces | #556

E-commerce stores are leaving money on the table if they’re not selling via the plethora of online marketplaces available to them. Today’s special guest Shaun latham shares with host Tim Reid exactly how to do this.

Michael F Schein Hype Marketing

Hype markerketing tips from the world’s greatest propagandists | #555

Self-confessed hype artist Michael F. Schein shares his 12 secrets for creating hype around your business; he’s overflowing with stories of obscure crackpots who got millions of people to buy into their ideas, along with unknowns, freaks and weirdos who garnered around the clock media attention without spending a penny.

Business naming expert Alexandra Watkins

How (& why) to choose a perfect business name | #554

If choosing a name for your business, brand, product, service, even promotion, is proving challenging, then take a listen to what world-leading naming expert Alexandra Watkins has to share with host Tim Reid. Her process is fun, simple and mighty effective in identifying a name that sticks.

Leroy Faure Fit Dad Lifestyle

Fit Dad Lifestyle’s Leroy Faure is big on community building | #553

Building a community is a great way to differentiate that beautiful business of yours. So in this episode, host Tim Reid chats with Fit Dad Lifestyle founder Leroy Faure about how he’s built a community of 4,000 motivated and engaged men who are all on the same journey of fatherhood.

6 Reasons to try Facebook and Instagram Lead Ads

Six reasons why you should try Facebook and Instagram lead generation ads for driving leads to your small business.