10 Marketing Wake Up Calls

Marketing Wake Up Calls

Only for the motivated business owner keen to build their beautiful business in to the empire it deserves to be.

What’s In It For You?

Who’s Behind all this
marketing nonsense anyway?

Me! Timbo Reid!

I’ve been in marketing all my working life. 35+ years (just quietly). I studied it at uni. Spent 10 years at Clemengers, Australia’s largest ad agency, creating award-winning advertising for global brands like Gillette, Dulux & AXA. I was the marketing manager for Flight Centre. I even spent time at Reach, helping grow a small not-for-profit into a powerhouse.

Those first 3.5 decades were simply a training ground for where I am today. You see, what really excites me is helping the smaller end of town (from start-ups to businesses turning over up to $5M annually) create marketing that works. Marketing that builds strong brands, that generates warm leads and importantly … that is fun.

I want the marketing of your business to become a hobby.

Australian Podcast Awards 2018 - Winner Best Business Podcast & People’s Choice Finalist

Timbo….Your show is the best. What a rare blend of entertainment and information. Your passion, sincerity, and humility shine through in every episode. Please keep doing what you do!

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Small Business
Big Marketing Hotline

Leave Timbo A Message +61 480 015 150

What My Precious Listeners Are Saying

The Small Business Big Marketing Podcast with Timbo Reid​

Great marketing tips that can be applied to any business or any industry. The best part is they are coming from people who have done it! Keep up the good work Timbo!

Hoboken Ting Other August 9, 2021

Just an awesome podcast, came across this accidentally and fell in love with the valuable info this podcast gives us, started a business in Adelaide 3 years ago and the tips and experiences from other business owners is invaluable.

Clarence Lobo Other August 9, 2021

I love this Podcast and have been listening for a year or so, I quite regularly revisit the episodes I love ....to try and have a go at implementing some of this marketing gold, I am beginning to love marketing.

Adrian Walsh Other August 9, 2021

Definitely the most informative and entertaining small business podcast! Tim interviews some amazing humans who have accomplished so much in their businesses and gets a real personal insight every episode!

Stuart4812 Other August 9, 2021

Entertaining, engagining and informative. Absolute cracker of a podcast. Can't wait for the next episode.

Backable Nige Other August 9, 2021

Love it, this podcast should be part of the business classes as it gives you more ideas how to run your business as most of the marketing teachers . Thank you

Bebedinka Other August 9, 2021

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The Boomerang Effect

Why being helpful in your marketing
returns more customers and makes
you more money.

  • When your marketing efforts return far more than
    you put in
  • Discover how to create helpful marketing, and why
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Marketing Wake Up Calls

Only for the motivated business owner keen to build their beautiful business into the empire it deserves to be.