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Cedar Anderson Flow Hive interview

[UPDATE] Flow Hive’s Cedar Anderson on business growth through these challenging times.

If you love hearing from eccentric, passionate, incredibly smart business owners about how they made a million bucks then you’re going to love this inspiring update from past guest and Flow Hive founder Cedar Anderson.

Professor Prince Ghuman Blindsight

The hidden ways marketing reshapes your brain with neuromarketer Professor Prince Ghuman | #540

Ever wondered why McDonalds logo is red and yellow? Or why watches in ads are always set at 10:10? Or why some stores seem to be always on sale? Wonder no more. Host Tim Reid chats with neuromarketing expert Professor Prince Ghuman who explains how marketing reshapes your brain. Scary stuff!

Colin Bryar Working Backwards Amazon

Jeff Bezos’s shadow Colin Bryar on how ideas are brought to life inside Amazon | #539

Colin Bryar was Jeff Bezos’s shadow (AKA right hand man) inside of Amazon. In this revealing chat, he explains to host Tim Reid Amazon’s process of working backwards, in which every new idea starts with the customer front and centre. Notebook at the ready!

Stu Gregor Four Pillars Gin

[UPDATE] Four Pillars Gin has been named the world’s best gin 2-years running. Founder Stu Gregor shares what they’re getting right | #538

Four Pillars Gin founder Stu Gregor shares with host Tim Reid how he’s managed to be awarded the world’s best gin not once but twice … in fact, two years in a row!

90 Motivational Quotes for Business Owners

Here are some motivational quotes from fellow entrepreneurs who experienced the same doubts and fears that you may have today.