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Taking on the big banks and winning with Spriggy co-founder Mario Hasanakos | #498

Today, our special guest Mario Hasanakos, the co-founder of Spriggy talks about how the idea for Spriggy started and how they’ve been able to gain a foothold in the market because of their transparency and genuine desire to help people.

The art AND science of standing out in this ridiculously crowded marketplace | #497

Jamie Mustard, joins us to share how blocks are the solution to your business getting noticed by the right people at the right time. Jamie gives us great examples of how blocks have been used in speeches, art, and marketing.

Boost sales & bust customer churn with this stupidly simple (and fun) customer-engagement hack | #496

Bonjoro founder, Matt Barnett, takes us through how he came up with the video marketing hack he used to convert leads for his tech startup, which ultimately failed. But his simplistic way of reaching out to leads, later on, gave rise to Bonjoro. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Marx Acosta Rubio made a fortune hiring a cocaine addict (twice) | #495

Marx Acosta Rubio shares his rags to riches to rags to riches experience and how he did it. Plus, a bonus strategy he uses in hiring his employees which he has proven to be highly effective.

90 Motivational Quotes for Business Owners

Here are some motivational quotes from fellow entrepreneurs who experienced the same doubts and fears that you may have today.