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ben newsome fizzics education

How to adapt your marketing during Coronavirus (COVID-19) with Ben Newsome of Fizzics Education | #501

COVID-19 has thrown up all sorts of challenges, and opportunities, for business owners everywhere. Some have sadly had to close, some are finding it incredibly tough, whilst others are innovating like they’ve never done before. Today’s guest fits into that category.

episode 500 of the small business big marketing podcast

Your most asked small business marketing questions answered by Timbo in this milestone episode | #500

“If you had only 20-minutes a day to market your business, what would you do?”
“Who’s been your favourite guest, and why?”
“What’s something your friends don’t know about you?”
These are just three of the questions you wonderful listeners have sent in for me to answer in this week’s milestone episode 500 of your favourite marketing podcast ;0)

James Bartle Outland Denim

Outland Denim’s James Bartle on how one movie changed the entire direction of his life | #499

How Outland Denim’s James Bartle, a Year 10 dropout, saw a film that changed the entire direction of his career … in fact, of his life. Plus this week’s Monster Prize Draw winner is on to a very big idea.

Taking on the big banks and winning with Spriggy co-founder Mario Hasanakos | #498

Today, our special guest Mario Hasanakos, the co-founder of Spriggy talks about how the idea for Spriggy started and how they’ve been able to gain a foothold in the market because of their transparency and genuine desire to help people.

90 Motivational Quotes for Business Owners

Here are some motivational quotes from fellow entrepreneurs who experienced the same doubts and fears that you may have today.