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social media expert Johnny Kapos

Smart social media usage grew this third-generation chocolate shop | #524

Host Tim Reid chats with third generation business owner Johnny Kapos (AKA Chocolate Johnny) of Perfection Chocolates who’s embraced social media in a very big way to grow his chocolate shop and wholesaling business.

Dan & Ed from TradeMutt

Personal tragedy inspired the launch of TradeMutt | #523

Host Tim Reid chats with TradeMutt founders Ed & Dan about how a personal tragedy led to the creation of a workwear business that’s making big inroads into workplace discussions around men’s mental health.

Joanna Oakey Aspect Legal

Answer this one confronting question and grow your business | #522

Lawyer Joanna Oakey took her team away, wrote one confronting question on a whiteboard and spent the next few hours answering it. The results led to 25% growth year-on-year.


Big marketing ideas is what Thankyou’s Daniel Flynn thrives on | Bonus Ep

How to generate big marketing ideas (and why you damn well should) is the topic of this insightful chat between Thankyou’s Daniel Flynn and host Tim Reid.

90 Motivational Quotes for Business Owners

Here are some motivational quotes from fellow entrepreneurs who experienced the same doubts and fears that you may have today.