Netflix star & Beverly Hills Realtor Peter Lorimer shares his 666 Rule for growing a remarkable business | #493

Netflix star & Beverly Hills Realtor Peter Lorimer shares his 666 Rule for growing a remarkable business | #493

Marketing real estate property is more than just churning out vlogs and property videos then waiting for clients to start rolling in.

Building your online presence and expanding your reach takes hard work and knowledge of your target market. Beverly Hills real estate agent and content marketing ninja Peter Lorimer is here to tell us all about it.

Did you know that Peter used to work as a sought-after producer in the music industry? He has worked with some of the biggest names in music, accumulating over #1 Billboard chart hits by his retirement in 2003.

Today, Peter takes us through the lessons he learned in the music industry to carving his brand of real estate in the LA property market. His punk rock approach and social media savvy allow him to build relationships and trust with the people drawn to his philosophy.

Tune in to learn about creating an identity that works for you and how to bring your brand to the people who need it.


About Peter Lorimer

Peter Lorimer
was a successful music producer with over 30 #1 Billboard chart hits before taking his talents to the LA property market. He has launched his punk rock real estate business in the heart of Beverly Hills. His hand-picked swat team of creatives at PLG Estates dance to the beat of their drums while living at the bleeding edge of their industry.

Lessons from the music industry to working in real estate

Living in gratitude

  • Appreciate the things in your life that make you feel blessed and lucky.
  • Get out of bed with an eagerness to work hard and to be of service.
  • Do not let self-doubt dictate how you go about your business.

Beginnings of a music career

  • Peter used music as an escape from gangs, crime, and fighting.
  • From classical music, Peter moved into the nightclub scene and worked his way into becoming a record producer
  • Working in the music industry taught Peter how to treat people respectfully. It translated very well into his real estate career.
  • Fear is a cunning, baffling and crippling foe. Do not let it keep you from going at your goals.


From sex, drugs and rock & roll to sparkling water and open houses

  • Living a life of excess weighs heavy on you. Realising where you are and where you want to be in the future is crucial to your ability to change your life’s direction.
  • Leave your ego out the door. Grind it out and learn your new craft.
  • Keep your eyes on your goals. For Peter, it was starting his own firm and pulling the levers behind the curtains.

Punk rock real estate

  • Do not hesitate to break away from traditional real estate marketing.
  • Work with the people you want to work with; do not attempt to fit in.
  • Sell trust. Build a good relationship with people drawn to your style.
  • Own your space in the market and dig deep. Do not get bothered by everything going around your space.


Capture your target audience with social media

  • Customise your content to suit the communities you intend to reach. Use digital platforms to get yourself in front of your target clients.
  • Build relationships and keep them alive on and off social media.
  • You can tailor your online presence to show the various facets of your personality.
  • Prospect your database rather than rely on online leads.

The 666 rule

  • The 666 Rule refers to 6 emails, 6 text messages, and 6 DMs a day.
  • Categorise your leads based on how well you know them. Peter recommends 18 touches a day per category.
  • Do not be affected by the results. Divorce yourself from expectations and keep doing the job.

The boomerang effect

  • The more you put into your marketing, the more it will return multiples.
  • Remain in action and work as hard as you can.
  • Craft your individuality through marketing and increase your digital footprint.

If you want to learn more about real estate and marketing strategies, check out Peter Lorimer’s personal website and PLG Estates.

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11 thoughts on “Netflix star & Beverly Hills Realtor Peter Lorimer shares his 666 Rule for growing a remarkable business | #493”

  1. Totally agree, Tolita. Gratitude can have such a positive impact on the way we conduct ourselves in business. There should be more of it. In fact, thanks a million for not only listening to my show, but for making the effort to leave your thoughts. It’s hugely appreciated ;0)

  2. ha! we know he doesn’t read the comments anymore… might send him a nice email instead… punk style…

  3. Carson White

    Outstanding…what a genuine dynamo. His energy, philosophies and attitude are inspiring. Some much marketing gold in this one Tim I will need to listen at least a couple more times to digest.

  4. I really enjoyed this discussion. Loved how Peter is not afraid of failing. In fact he wants to fail fast and move on. Great wisdom. Actually thought there was more gold in this chat than with Seth… thanks Timbo.

  5. I was punching the air when I listened to this!

    I absolutely agree re gratitude, and I love that someone who is so successful in business is also daily grateful for everything in his life as tho it has been a gift!

    I love the spikey business identity he plays too. What a brilliant way to conduct yourself for cut through in such a ‘same same’ world… #shouldbemoreofit

    Such an incredible and insightful perspective, to marketing and LIFE! I absolutely loved the 666 technique but one thing I really took away is when an opportunity comes your way look at it with the view ‘what HAVE I got to lose!’ and the the universe will push you where you need to be, and always with a reason.

    Will be listening to this one again with a pen and paper (was driving at the time!)

    Thanks Tim + Peter for this lesson on marketing and LIFE! ??

  6. Thanks Carson. He’s an impressive guy for sure, and in fact, lots of lessons to be learnt from anyone who sees themsleves as a future guest on a podcast. Peter was so giving and genuine.

  7. Thanks Justin. Peter’s enthusiasm is infectious, right?! Let’s hope Seth doesn’t read your comment though!!

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