Your Ultimate Marketing Resources List

Below are recommended online tools and resources that I (and many past guests) use to manage and grow our businesses. There’s no bright shiny objects to distract you here – just really good stuff that’s simple to use and works (and doesn’t cost the earth) to help you achieve business success.


Liquid Web – #1 for website hosting

LiquidWeb is my go-to hosting platform for all my websites, including this one …

  • I’ve been using them to host all my websites for years
  • Their page-load times are rocket fast (Google loves that)
  • They never crash (well, not in my experience)
  • Their customer service is world-class (no Geek talk!)
  • They allow you to host multiple domains under the one account (super convenient)


Active Campaign – #1 for list building & email marketing

Active Campaign has been helping me grow and communicate to my email list for years …

  • Active campaign can put a sign-up form on your website, collect prospects’ contact info in return for a free giveaway, and then have an ongoing conversation with them through marketing automation
  • Easy-peasy to use.
  • Fantastic customer service & training


DesignCrowd – #1 for crowd-sourced graphic design

DesignCrowd is my go-to resource if I need marketing materials designed …

  • You simply write a brief by responding the questions they ask, select a budget then sit back and watch designs roll in from all over the world
  • Shortlist your favourites, then work with each designer one-on-one until you get one you like
  • Release the funds and they release the high res files to you. Simples!
  • Oh, and the above link gets you $100 off your design project


99Designs – #1 for crowd-sourced graphic design

I know, I know! I said DesignCrowd was #1 (but the truth is they’re just as good as each other) …

  • Everything I said above about DesignCrowd equally applies to 99Designs
  • Pro-tip : Don’t skimp on your budget, as like anything, you get what you pay for
  • Oh, and the above link gets you a $99 upgrade to your design brief which means you get up to 130% more designs … sweet!


Screenflow – #1 video & audio editing software for Mac OS users

Been using it for years to whip up quick and not-so-quick videos to impress clients …

  • Captures audio and video from your computer
  • Or upload video from any other device eg. iPhone, camera etc
  • You can edit the captured audio and video
  • Add highlights and supers
  • And output heaps of different file types
  • Easy to learn with great inbuilt tutorials
  • Includes a free trial option


Camtasia – #1 video & audio editing software for Windows users

My Windows-using friends love Camtasia I’m a Mac guy myself ;)

  • Everything I said above about ScreenFlow equally applies to Camtasia
  • Although Camtasia is more expensive than ScreenFlow – so it may be cheaper to buy a Mac ;0)


Video Hero – #1 video marketing training resource

Past guest and ex-BBC TV Director Jules Watkins shows you how to produce high-converting marketing videos in his extensive selection of video-marketing training …

  • Jules is the real deal – a guy with extensive video experience who is excellent at helping small business owners create high-end, professional videos all from your smartphone
  • Joining his Forum gives you access to all his courses including green screen secrets, iPhone video training, six-figure video course and plenty more


Squadcast – #1 remote interview recording software

What I use to record broadcast-quality interviews for my show with people all over the world …

  • It enables you to record remote conversations without compromising audio quality
  • I love how it records both sides of the conversation which makes editing so much easier
  • Ridiculously easy to use – create a link, end it to your guest, hit record, do your interview
  • You can even see your guest if you choose to


Bonjoro – #1 personalised video app

Awesome for sending personalised welcome, thank-you or follow-up videos from your phone …

  • I’ve won plenty of business by simply sending a short video to a prospect using Bonjoro
  • Dead simple to use – email your video straight from within the app
  • Smart analytics shows if and when it was opened, how often it was watched, where they watched up to and more
  • Silly cheap!


Audible – #1 for Audio Books

Every now and then it’s good to take a break from podcasts and cuddle up to an audio book (every now and then ;0)

  • 400,000 books to choose from across all categories
  • They also have audible versions of popular magazines and newspapers
  • Check out their 30-day free trial to see if you love it
  • Then get straight back to podcasts!


Trint – #1 audio transcription service

What I use to transcribe each episode of my show – great for search engine rankings

  • Trint uses artificial intelligence to create highly accurate transcripts
  • Upload your audio or video recording and get your transcript in minutes
  • Amazing search functionality
  • Allows you to export and share your content in a variety of formats
  • You can even record on their iPhone app and upload directly


Stripe – #1 payment processor

Eezy-peezy way to make payments over the Internet

  • Pretty much the Gold standard for payment processing online
  • I use it to process payments for online courses that I run and eBooks that I sell … never had one issue with it
  • Awesome for recurring payments


Loom – #1 way to create simple explainer videos

A breath of fresh air when it comes to video recording tools

  • I use Loom whenever I need to explain something from my desktop
  • It’s simple and quick to use 
  • Provides instant sharing and editing
  • Your videos are saved automatically to the cloud
  • Works across Windows, Mac, Chrome and iOS
  • There’s a free option plan that certainly doesn’t lack in features