Greg Merrilees (episode 581) & his A-team designed this website which led to a significant increase in podcast subscribers, book sales and all round traffic.

  • Laser-focussed on creating websites that look amazing, but more importantly convert visitors into paying customers
  • They strategize with you to work out a game plan before you decide to hire them
  • Unlimited design revisions so you fall in love with your new website


Harry Sanders (episode 620) & his team of 60 SEO savants were awarded SEM Rush’s Global Agency of the Year, for damn good reasons.

  • #1 for ranking on Page 1 of Google
  • Their close relationship with Google gives them (and you) an unfair advantage
  • They use only white hat SEO techniques so your site isn’t at risk from Google penalties (ouch!)


A behind-the-scenes look at the optimisation strategies used by StudioHawk – an award winning and globally recognised SEO specialist agency based in Melbourne.

  • Secrets after secret to SEO success is revealed through dedicated, simple, yet detailed course content
  • Get on page 1 of Google at your own pace without spending a fortune on ineffective SEO
  • All content is updated as Google updates so the learnings are always current


This is who I use to host all my websites, and I’ve never
had an issue. Ever.

  • Google places huge importance on how fast a website loads and crashes. Get this right and it’ll turbo-charge your SEO
  • They’re enterprise-grade technology automates threat detection to block 72M attacks daily whilst keeping your website vulnerabilities up-to-date
  • They’re 24/7 support is excellent, even if you don’t know what you’re talking about!


Bonjoro has helped me attract and retain so much business over the years.

  • Send timely personal videos to leads and customers
  • Bonjoro connects to so many tools like EDM softwares, Patreon, Shopify & more
  • Includes a super easy way to collect testimonials


I’ve used Active Campaign for years to grow my list and share helpful marketing insights.

  • Craft email newsletters, campaigns & promotions that connect with your customers
  • Customise timely emails to give customers exactly what they’re looking for
  • Sell more with their sales automation tools


Lawpath founder Tom Willis (episode 604) has created this one-stop online legal service covering all your legal needs so you can focus on business.

  • Over 350 customisable legal docs with unlimited revisions & downloads
  • Create your documents with eSignature built in
  • Use Australia’s largest lawyer marketplace to get documents reviewed or assist with any legal matter


Facebook banned creator John Murphy (episode 596) from running ads, so he generated $2M in sales from organic traffic … for free!

  • A step-by-step guide to generating more sales each week, without paying for ads
  • Discover where to start & how to outrank competitors
  • Modules include content creation strategy, how to build strategic partnerships & John’s simple backlink strategy


Learn how to work with the media to amplify your message, and build a strong personal brand.

  • Nic Hayes (episode 622) shows you how to craft your content, build your media profile, and amplify your brand to a wider and more engaged audience
  • 8 modules take you from media beginner to expert commentator and contributor
  • Submit your pitch to 700 media outlets across Australia & New Zealand

Make Money From Knowledge
With An Online Course

Tina Tower (episode 561) is a genius at helping overworked business owners (is that you?) to systemise, scale and build the business of their dreams through online courses.

  • Online courses can be a business unto themselves, or an extra revenue channel for your existing business
  • Tina offers a variety of courses teaching all aspects of creating online courses
  • Her Idea To Launch Course is a great place to start

Attract New Customers
With a Free Holiday

John Dwyer (episode 589), the master of direct response marketing and making your clients go “WOW!”, now focuses on providing business owners with campaigns that incentivise prospects with free travel.

  • Encourage prospects to choose you by giving them a free holiday
  • John gets access to unsold hotel rooms globally, packaging them up into holidays to be past on as customer incentives
  • This exclusive offer gets you 90 accommodation vouchers for $2,910 (less than $33 each)

Use code Timbo for 20% off


Everything you need to make freelancing easier.

  • Generate quotes, send invoices, track expenses, easy tax returns, complete BAS, connect your bank accounts.
  • Automates repetitive workflows, so you can spend more time getting paid and doing what you love.
  • Dashboard and reports show how your business is performing, at a glance.


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Media Stable

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Charley Valher and his team enable me to focus on creating great content for you …

  • They do all the heavy lifting associated with producing an award-winning podcast (like literally ALL of it)
  • They edit each episode, write my show notes (I hate doing show notes), design all social media banners, write and post the posts, manage the Podcast section of my website, write and send the weekly email letting you know there’s a new episode out
  • Geez, they make my life easy!
  • Tell them I sent you and boy, will you be given the Royal treatment


LiquidWeb is my go-to hosting platform for all my
websites, including this one …

  • I’ve been using them to host all my websites for years
  • Their page-load times are rocket fast (Google loves that)
  • They never crash (well, not in my experience)
  • Their customer service is world-class (no Geek talk!)
  • They allow you to host multiple domains under the one account (super convenient)


Designcrowd is my go-to resource if i need marketing materials designed …

  • You simply write a brief by responding the questions they ask, select a budget then sit back and watch designs roll in from all over the world
  • Shortlist your favourites, then work with each designer one-on-one until you get one you like
  • Release the funds and they release the high res files to you. Simples!
  • Oh, and the above link gets you $100 off your design project


I know, I know! I said designcrowd was #1 (but the truth is they’re just as good as each other) …

  • Everything I said above about DesignCrowd equally applies to 99Designs
  • Pro-tip : Don’t skimp on your budget, as like anything, you get what you pay for
  • Oh, and the above link gets you a $99 upgrade to your design brief which means you get up to 130% more designs … sweet!


Been using it for years to whip up quick and not-so-quick videos to impress clients …

  • Captures audio and video from your computer
  • Or upload video from any other device eg. iPhone, camera etc
  • You can edit the captured audio and video
  • Add highlights and supers
  • And output heaps of different file types
  • Easy to learn with great inbuilt tutorials
  • Includes a free trial option


My windows-using friends love Camtasia
I’m a Mac guy myself 😉

  • Everything I said above about ScreenFlow equally applies to Camtasia
  • Although Camtasia is more expensive than ScreenFlow – so it may be cheaper to buy a Mac ;0)


Past guest and ex-bbc TV director Jules Watkins shows
you how to produce high-converting marketing videos in
his extensive selection of video-marketing training …

  • Jules is the real deal – a guy with extensive video experience who is excellent at helping small business owners create high-end, professional videos all from your smartphone
  • Joining his Forum gives you access to all his courses including green screen secrets, iPhone video training, six-figure video course and plenty more


What I use to record broadcast-quality interviews
for my show with people all over the world …

  • It enables you to record remote conversations without
    compromising audio quality
  • I love how it records both sides of the conversation which
    makes editing so much easier
  • Ridiculously easy to use – create a link, end it to your guest,
    hit record, do your interview
  • You can even see your guest if you choose to


Every now and then it’s good to take a break from podcasts and cuddle up to an audio book (every now and then ;0)

  • 400,000 books to choose from across all categories
  • They also have audible versions of popular magazines and newspapers
  • Check out their 30-day free trial to see if you love it
  • Then get straight back to podcasts!


What I use to transcribe each episode of my show – great for search engine rankings

  • Trint uses artificial intelligence to create highly accurate transcripts
  • Upload your audio or video recording and get your transcript in minutes
  • Amazing search functionality
  • Allows you to export and share your content in a variety of formats
  • You can even record on their iPhone app and upload directly


Eezy-Peezy way to make payments over the Internet

  • Pretty much the Gold standard for payment processing online
  • I use it to process payments for online courses that I run and
    eBooks that I sell … never had one issue with it
  • Awesome for recurring payments


A breath of fresh air when it comes to video recording tools

  • I use Loom whenever I need to explain something from my desktop
  • It’s simple and quick to use
  • Provides instant sharing and editing
  • Your videos are saved automatically to the cloud
  • Works across Windows, Mac, Chrome and iOS
  • There’s a free option plan that certainly doesn’t lack in features


Marketing Wake Up Calls

Only for the motivated business owner keen to build their beautiful business in to the empire it deserves to be.