F1 aerodynamicist, Kate Reid, makes the world’s best croissant | #552

F1 aerodynamicist, Kate Reid, makes the world’s best croissant | #552

Kate Reid’s business journey has all the makings of a Hollywood thriller. It involves behind-the-scenes of Formula 1 racing, a memorable visit to Monaco , a life-threatening illness, huge disappointment, truckloads of passion along with the best croissant in the world! It’s a blockbuster of an episode 552 of The (12 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.


A Little More About Lune Croissanterie founder Kate Reid …

Kate Reid is the founder of Lune Croissanterie, two retail outlets in Melbourne where each morning you’ll find cues of raving fans lining up, down the street, before the doors have even opened.

Her croissants are so good, they were voted by the New York Times as being the best croissants in the world! I wonder how the French felt about that?!

But here’s where it gets interesting.

By trade, Kate is an aeronautical engineer who worked for the Williams F1 Team in the UK. Three years into her dream job, she was diagnosed with Anorexia and had to move back to Australia in order to heal.

During this time she fell in love with baking and set out on an adventure to reverse engineer the humble croissant.

And boy oh boy, did she succeed!

I loved chatting with Kate. She’s passionate, crazily intelligent, highly driven, and has one of those businesses we’d all love. One that sells out every day, has people all over the world talking about it, plus she bakes an unbelievable Almond Croissant … they’re my go-to in case you’re wondering!

Here she is talking about what it was like being an Aerodynamic Engineer for the Williams F1 Team.




Timbo’s Top 3 Attention Grabbers from his chat with Lune Croissanterie founder Kate Reid


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  1. I love how she used her engineering skills to reverse-engineer the humble croissant. What could you reverse-engineer to help grow your business?
  2. I love how focussed Kate is on creating the world’s best croissant to the point that she only uses butter from a farm in Normandy! A bit like last week’s guest, Simon Rowe of Sleepbus, who is laser-focussed on providing homeless people with a safe night’s sleep. How focussed are you? Or not?!
  3. I love how she’s partnering with people (including her brother) who have skills that she admits to not having. Quite rare for a small business owner, many of whom like to do everything themselves. At the expense of what though? Huh?!



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