302 – Cuddlist, Adam Lippin, says we’re sex obsessed but touch deprived – so he started a business to sort us out!

302 – Cuddlist, Adam Lippin, says we’re sex obsessed but touch deprived – so he started a business to sort us out!

OK team, this week’s episode is a bit weird.

Weird in the best kind of way. This week we’ve got the Cuddlist Adam Lippin who says that we, as a culture are “sex obsessed but touch deprived”. So what’s he doing about it? He’s started not only a business that sells cuddles.

A bit of a weird venture I know, but stick with me. Adam is a really interesting guy, before he started Cuddlist he started and sold a restaurant franchise called Atomic Wings which specialises in buffalo wings. We delve into the process he uses with his ideas, starting with fleshing them out, a great hack to research their viability and ultimately deciding whether or not to pursue or ignore them.We also look into how to market a new idea or to put it another way, how to market a solution no one knows they need. Adam talks about the science behind his new venture, how he’s been living a parallel life (and how many of us do the same) and how he finally reconciled that at age 50.

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00:36  Welcome & overview
02:59  Guest introduction – Adam Lippin of Cuddlist
04:38  Interview – Part 1
16:15  Insights into Netregistry & Key Person Of Influence
18:29  Interview – Part 2
38:15  My Top 3 Attention Grabbers
40:45  Marketing Quote
41:10  Wrap-up & insights into next week’s guest






Cuddlist’s official website

Fiverr – Outsource small tasks for just $5, this is the site Adam uses for his initial market research.

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  1. Think about how you greet your clients when you meet them. I’m not suggesting you hug them, but what do you do? Handshake? High five? Eye contact? Put some thought into it and try and implement consistently.
  2. Use Fiverr to find people to do your initial research around an idea. Maybe get them to research your competitors, review their websites, social media activity. You could also get them to research industry trends.
  3. Have crystal clear rules of engagement. Let your prospects know … this is how we do business.






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Some wise soul once said …

“Curiosity is the spark behind the spark of every great idea. The future, well, it belongs to the curious!”







What was your biggest marketing learning pr ah-ha moment from today’s epsidoe?

Leave your comment below.

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4 thoughts on “302 – Cuddlist, Adam Lippin, says we’re sex obsessed but touch deprived – so he started a business to sort us out!”

  1. Hey Timbo, firstly long time / first time….started back in the old Lukey, Lukey Lukey days!
    Starting to feel trapped in the cubicle but have been working on a couple of side hustles lately to get some miles under the belt in preparation for giving it a red hot crack at ditching this working for the man caper.
    Just thought I’d share this with you after listening to the cuddlist episode. A couple of mates of mine were before their time, they won the Flickerfest Short Film Festival back in 2004 with a film titled “Spoonman”. If you get a spare 15-20 minutes, here is the youtube link….
    One is now working in Canada and the other (Heath Davies) has just written & directed his first feature film here in Oz called “Broke” about an ex rugby league player with a gambling problem.
    It’s been doing the film festival rounds all over the world and has won a few awards.
    Keep up the good work and try and get back to 2 poddies a week please mate….they keep me inspired along my journey (piss take…really hate how everyone now has a journey, no shit it’s called life!). Note – it’s really hard to convey sentiment or sarcasm in the written form isn’t it. Anyway…..better go and listen to episode 303!

  2. Timbo – that was your best podcast to date (of the dozens I have listened to). You are a brilliant host and interviewer. You went right for the throat with the elephant in the room questions, and rebounded with poise and elegance with your heart felt support of the cuddling mission. Bravo for helping to make this a better world to live in. – Dennis

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