Chad Allen of Convenit Consultants | Creating Bespoke Financial Strategies

Chad Allen of Convenit Consultants | Creating Bespoke Financial Strategies

Chad Allen, founder of Convenit Consultants, shares insights on crafting bespoke financial strategies for businesses in diverse global markets. His travel experience and understanding of local market conditions shape his business approach. Chad emphasises the need for customised strategies and the challenges of emerging markets. His expertise spans financial operations, legal aspects, taxation, risk management, and other considerations. He offers top-tier global consulting with a personalised touch and provides a free consultation for businesses looking to expand internationally.


In this Spotlight episode, Chad Allen flicks the switch on:

  • How his extensive travel experience has shaped his approach to financial strategy consulting.
  • A real-world example of a business Chad’s supporting in their offshore endeavours.
  • Why are tailoring financial strategies to the specific requirements of an organisation’s host country ia essential to ensure success in global markets.
  • Plus many more actionable business insights.

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Chad Allen’s Key Takeaways …

  1. Tailoring bespoke financial strategies is crucial for businesses operating in diverse global markets.
  2. Understanding local market conditions and cultural nuances is essential for successful international business strategies.
  3. Convenit Consulting offers top-tier global consulting expertise with a personalised touch, addressing financial operations, legal aspects, taxation, risk management, and HR considerations.
  4. Businesses looking to expand internationally can benefit from a free consultation with Convenit Consulting, helping them save time, money, and alleviate frustrations in the process.

In Chad’s own words – With over 18 years of work experience, I am a passionate and driven leader with a mission to provide innovative solutions and opportunities for businesses and communities across borders. I have a strong background in finance, accounting, and entrepreneurship, with a CPA and an MBA from the Kelley School of Business. I am the founder and CEO of Convenit, a consulting firm that helps clients navigate the challenges and opportunities of international business, and Convenit Holdings, an investment company that supports the telecom and broadband industry in Africa.

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