This simple Facebook video strategy saved a fledgling BBQ chicken shop from going under | #384

This simple Facebook video strategy saved a fledgling BBQ chicken shop from going under | #384

Today we literally go behind-the-scenes with BBQ chicken store owner Wally Khawli whose simple Facebook video strategy has saved his fledgling business from going under.


“When you see his videos you can see that he is genuine, nothing is written down, nothing is prepared, he just comes out with it. People see that. They get a laugh out of it. Then they come in, they want to take photos with him, SnapChats … They then try his food and they love it!”

– Joe Khawli (Wally’s Dad)
Mama’s BBQ Chicken & Salad Bar


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  • Why did Wally almost close the business last Christmas?
  • How to turn a learning difficulty into a positive?
  • What should I do if I’m thinking of closing my business?
  • How can I use Facebook videos to get more customers?
  • What’s the secret to appearing in videos for my business?

Wally Khawli owns Mama’s BBQ Chicken & Salad Bar located in an outer suburb of Melbourne. Nothing fancy, just a family run take-away business selling chickens, souvlakis and the occasional salad! Unlike most guests, Wally didn’t have a bio that I could use to introduce him. He’s got no fancy qualifications. He’s got a learning disability that could have held him back if he’d let it. But what he has got is a big heart and a burning passion for what he does.

Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with Wally Khawli of Mama’s BBQ Chicken & Salad Bar:

  1. Honour your strengths and weaknesses, then back yourself. Wally did. He put his learning difficulties aside, identified what he loved (chicken and making people happy) and was he was especially good at (being on camera), then went for it.
  2. Stop waiting for the right light, or the right hair do, or the right anything! Wally’s videos are far from polished. His Dad Joe films them on an iPhone, the music sometimes distorts, there’s customers coming in and out of the shop – there’s plenty of reasons to wait for that right moment. But instead, Wally goes for it! In a world of social media, we’re actually pretty forgiving when it comes to video production … so focus on creating great content.
  3. Work hard at maintaining the momentum you create with your marketing. It will be easy for Wally to get swept up in all the initial excitement that he’s created … the question remains to see if he can maintain it for the long term. That doesn’t mean keep doing more of the same … but it does mean evolving, doing things better, trying new ideas. I love the fact that he’s already selling merchandise!


But the marketing gold doesn’t stop there, in this episode you’ll also discover:


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