How to create a highly profitable customer manifesto with Platinum Electricians Joshua Nicholls | #433

How to create a highly profitable customer manifesto with Platinum Electricians Joshua Nicholls | #433

I’m often asked which has been my favourite interview, having done over 430 interviews with successful business owners over the past 9-years. That I can’t answer. There’s just been too many of them. However, the one I did in 2014 with Platinum Electricians Founder Joshua Nicholls is a bit of a stand-out for a number of reasons:

  1. His business story is inspiring

  2. His growth has been phenomenal (1,200% in his first 5-years and it’s now close to a $40M business).

  3. He’s got a great work / life balance

  4. He and his wife Alana have built a culture that attracts great people

  5. And he’s created a 21-step customer manifesto that leads to a massive amount of referrals

We cover plenty of ground in this chat as Joshua talks about the importance of following your passion, the power of creating a strong visual brand, why she set up shop in an industrial estate, how she generates sales across online, retail and wholesale. And plenty more.

There’s loads more tips and insights just like this that will help you build that beautiful business of yours into the empire it deserves to be. Hit the PLAY button above to listen now, or subscribe free to hear the full interview. You’ll also find the full interview transcription below.


Joshua also shares:

  • How he achieved 1,200 growth in five years
  • How he approaches those he admires for business help
  • How and why he created a 21-step customer manifesto
  • How to create raving fans and employees
  • And so much more …


Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with Joshua Nicholls:

  1. Identify people you admire, and ask them if they can help you on your business journey. Just don’t be an Ask Hole!
  2. Put in place a customer manifesto – full of little experiences that make your customers smile, refer you to others and remain loyal for a very long time. Love the question Joshua asks – “How does the customer feel once we’ve left their home or business?”
  3. Love your employees by putting on great conferences, away-days, training, awards nights. Even just by simply being available to them.


Joshua Nicholls Interview Transcription


I started off by asking Josh one of the big questions, how many sparkies does it take to change a light bulb?


Mate, gazillions.  It’s a highly complex thing to do these days. So with safety systems and everything else like that.  But no, it’s

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