Kim Williams of Shanti Life | The Healing Power of Hemp

Kim Williams of Shanti Life | The Healing Power of Hemp

Kim Williams, founder of Shanti Life, a hemp and CBD business, discusses the uses and benefits of hemp, the challenges of operating in the industry, and her own product line, Woke Botanicals. She emphasises the importance of integrating wellness practices into daily life and offers tips for relaxation and stress relief.


In this Spotlight episode, Kim Williams flicks the switch on:

  • Hemp – its uses and well-being benefits
  • The mainstream corporate takeover of the Hemp industry, and how the little guys can still compete
  • We’ll explore how Kim has created her own line of well-being products she’s sells online and off
  • Plus I’ll get Kim to share how we can integrate little well-being hacks into our lives to feel just that little bit better.

Check out all of Kim’s Hemp products over at the Shanti Life store.

Shanti Life founder Kim William’s Key Takeaways …

  1. Hemp is an industrial plant that offers various health benefits, including relaxation, anxiety relief, and inflammation reduction.
  2. The hemp industry is facing challenges due to the corporate takeover and regulatory issues.
  3. Integrating wellness practices into daily life can be achieved through deep breathing and finding humour in stressful situations.
  4. Kim Williams created her own product line, Woke Botanicals, to ensure high-quality and effective CBD products.

In Kim’s own words – Founder and owner Kim Williams has been in the health space for as long as she can remember. Her life is a continuous journey to learn about the mind, body, spirit, nutrition, health, fitness, and relaxation methods. She has practiced holistic face and bodywork therapy for over 20 years and has taught yoga and various complementary therapies for over 20 years.Kim’s personal experience has given her a drive and passion for helping others achieve a better version of themselves through natural remedies. If you’re in Warwick, drop in and say hi; Kim will welcome you warmly to Shanti Life.

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