Marcella Guidry of Belle L’adore | Building a natural skincare brand

Marcella Guidry of Belle L’adore | Building a natural skincare brand

Marcella Guidry is the dynamic owner of Belle L’adore, a 10-year-old beauty brand renowned for its natural skincare products. Belle L’adore offers luxurious body butter, liquid butter, and deodorant, all handcrafted with natural ingredients. Marcella’s journey began when her daughter reacted to store-bought lotions, prompting her to create gentle, effective skincare solutions. Discover how Belle L’adore stands out in a crowded market, the importance of natural ingredients, and Marcella’s vision for the future.

In this Spotlight episode, Belle L’adore founder Marcella Guidry flicks the switch on:

  • What inspired her to create a bespoke natural skincare range
  • Why she’s laser-focussed on natural ingredients
  • How she competes in such a crowded marketplace
  • And her hopes and dreams for the future of Belle L’adore

Check out all of Marcelle’s natural skincare products over at the Belle L’adore’s online store.

Belle L’adore founder Marcella Guidry’s Key Takeaways …

  1. Using natural ingredients and homemade products can be better for the skin and overall health.
  2. The beauty industry is dominated by big brands that often use chemicals in their products.
  3. Educating consumers about the benefits of natural skincare is important.
  4. Belle L’adore aims to expand its reach and potentially collaborate with larger retailers or open a physical store.

In Marcella’s own words – I wanted to create something beautiful, so I created Belle L’adore, 100% handmade, with all natural ingredients. No water or waxes, no harmful ingredients or useless fillers. I wanted something for all skin types and something you can proudly display, something that makes you love and adore your skin and is both healthy and beneficial. After 10 years of creating and recreating, I’m proud to share with you Belle L’adore.

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