Adam Pisk of BruntWork | Offshore Outsourcing For Business

Adam Pisk of BruntWork | Offshore Outsourcing For Business

Adam Pisk (outsourcing expert) is today’s bright spark and co-founder of BruntWork, an offshore outsourcing business headquartered in Sydney with offices in The Philippines, Colombia, Eastern Europe & beyond. 

In this Spotlight episode, Adam Pisk flicks the switch on:

  • How Bruntwork scaled to 3,000 employees in just 3-years
  • Why Adam terminated a client that represented 40% of Bruntwork’s revenue
  • Key tips on why and what you should be outsourcing in your business for greater efficiencies
  • Busting some common outsourcing myths
  • How much it costs to hire someone offshore

Find a comprehensive list of services that BruntWork can fill roles in here.

Adam’s Key Takeaways …

  1. Offshore outsourcing can be a strategic solution for business growth, especially during times of crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. Pivoting to meet the increased demand for remote work can open up new opportunities for business expansion.
  3. Integrity and core values should guide business decisions, even if it means terminating a client that compromises those values.
  4. Offshore outsourcing is not limited to low-level tasks; any role that doesn’t require physical presence can be outsourced.
  5. Treating offshore team members as part of the local team and providing clear objectives, KPIs, and incentives are key to successful outsourcing.



Adam Pisk in his own words – As a Co-Founder at a rapidly evolving, remote-only outsourcing enterprise, I am dedicated to delivering unparalleled value to our clientele. With an extensive 25 year trajectory in Sales & Operations leadership, I excel in significantly reducing operational costs and establishing a solid foundation for scalable growth. By transitioning operations to cost-effective regions like the Philippines, I unlock substantial cost savings for our clients. My adeptness in global market expansions and consultative selling techniques not only drives revenue augmentation but also cultivates enduring client relationships. Through tailored strategies, I ensure our clients are primed for scalable success, making meaningful impacts in their respective markets.

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