The Content Marketing Accelerator – Webinar Tool Kit.

Hi … Timbo here.

Thanks so much for being a part of my Content Marketing Accelerator webinar I held on December 4, 2013.

My intention was to help give you a running start with your marketing in to 2014 … I trust we achieved that.

We covered a lot of ground during the webinar, and as promised, below you’ll find all the resources, videos and my slide deck used during the webinar.

Please avoid sharing this page around – this is an exclusive, trackable link only for those smart enough to register for the webinar. You ;0)

If you have any feedback regarding the webinar please email me via this link.

Yours in content marketing success …


Timbo Reid

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OK, so let’s get stuck in … Here’s the full video recording of the webinar:


Click HERE to access the audio only version of the webinar.

Click HERE to download my slide deck.

Click HERE for an unbelievably detailed mind-map cleverly created by one of the attendees (Trevor Lindars).

Click HERE to download the full transcript.



Andrew Griffith’s blog

Andrew Griffiths on INC



Skype Call Recorder – What I record my interviews on Skype with.

Blue Yeti microphone – What I use on all podcasts and interviews.

Audacity – Free software that I record in to.

Lapel mic – Great to connect in to your smart phone and record whilst out and about.


Video Marketing

Here’s a quick video Ben made using the steps he outlined. As he said when he emailed it to me – Did this one today. Took 10min and 2 takes. Used iPhone 5 and Tripod with no lights. Uploaded straight from camera to Youtube and did edit I’m YouTube! (5min). Yes, the lighting could be better, but the content is great!

Lighting kit – Search video lighting kit in eBay (as vendors are always changing).

Screenflow – Mac users can create screencasts.

iVideo Hero – Brilliant online training showing how to use your iPhone to create videos.

Camtasia  – PC users can create screenscasts.

Fiverr – Great place to find intros / outros for your videos.



Here’s some places to find editors, writers, web people, designers and more:



Freelancer adamlane