The Content Marketing Accelerator Program

The Content Marketing Accelerator Program.

You’re standing on a mountain of knowledge.

It’s time to use it to build your financial services business.

Work directly with me, Timbo Reid (Australia’s #1 marketing podcaster), plus gain access to my little black book of trusted marketing experts.

This will enable you to create and implement a dedicated content marketing strategy that will position you as an industry expert and help you attract clients that you love to work with.

It’s time to get in the ring and start punching way above your marketing weight.


There’s never been a better time to market a financial services business. Ever.

Marketing (as you know it) is dead.

Those old school methods of expensive advertising campaigns that were near impossible to measure; ineffective letterbox drops that wiped out small forests; and directory advertising where ‘Aaaaaardvark Financial Services’ always got the calls have now been bumped aside (well, complimented) by a myriad of ways aimed at enabling you to share your knowledge and position you as an industry expert.

The marketing landscape has changed. Forever.

Marketing tactics that were once only accessible by the top end of town are now available to everyone, including you … the small, financial services business owner.

You can have your own show without selling the farm; I’ve got one and it consistently ranks #1 in the Apple iTunes store and brings me an amazing amount of enquiry and opportunities.

You can rank on page 1 of Google alongside the big brands.

You can be producing useful videos without spending a fortune.

You can be a published author without the backing of a huge publishing house.

As small business owners, we really are in the box seat.


You’re standing on a mountain of knowledge.

Share it and they will come.

You know your expertise about your part of the financial services industry is highly valuable.

And you know that by sharing it, you can improve peoples’ lives.

So, why not openly share your knowledge?

Doing so will attract prospects like a moth to a flame.

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“Tim is a marketing genius! In more than 30 years in financial services, I have never seen anyone who comes close to providing the breadth of knowledge, unbound enthusiasm and practical advice that Tim offers.”

Charlie Madden, The Financial Link Group


A Marketing Accelerator Love Story.

Meet James and Sue.

James and Sue live in Armadale and are parents to 5 year-old Toby. They work full time pulling in a combined $155,000 annually. They have a $224,000 mortgage, a few shares and a car loan. They’ve already achieved a lot, but are now ready to get serious about their future – they see smart financial management and wealth creation as the key.

Sue Googles the term financial adviser Melbourne and you pop up on page 1 with the first two listings: your website and your Google+ Local listing. She spends some time looking around your site (eight whole minutes in fact!) and even signs up for your free eBook titled Financial Traps Exposed. Sue then flicks your website link over to James, suggesting he takes a look with the view to making an appointment.


During lunch, James takes a squiz on his iPad and quickly finds himself on your YouTube channel. He watches you deliver a highly useful financial news update as well as a short video that addresses a financial question he’s been too embarrassed to ask. Then he subscribes to your Podcast that he intends listening to on his way home.

That night, with Toby in bed, James and Sue discuss you and another adviser they were referred to by a friend. She shows James your eBook, then revisits your website and spends time getting to know your team on the About Us page. “They look like a fun bunch!” says Sue, “We should call them tomorrow and make an appointment.”

James agrees.

Five days later they become a client.

Eight days later Sue leaves a glowing comment on your Facebook page.

Meanwhile James is telling his mates about a great podcast he tunes into all the time.

Happy days!



Enough jibba jabba – It’s time for Action, Jackson.


This stuff just works! Share your knowledge and they will come. My business is living proof of that.

YES, you will need to overcome some technical hurdles.

YES, you will need to invest some time to create the content and money to have it produced (but nowhere near as much as you might think).

But isn’t your livelihood worth a little investment?

Anyway, that’s why I’m here!

Backed by my team of trusted marketing experts, the Content Marketing Accelerator Program will fast track you to marketing brilliance. You’ll be pulling prospects towards you and creating valuable content like it’s second nature before you know it.

“I was extremely impressed by how Tim managed to inspire every person to commit to taking action and implementing at least one of the marketing ideas he articulated.”

Matthew Ripley, Senior Adviser, Securitas Private Wealth


Enter the slipstream and watch your marketing ROI skyrocket.

Each Accelerator intake is limited to 5 advisers only.

The Content Marketing Accelerator Program will follow a structured flow (a slipstream), ticking all the key marketing boxes to start positioning yourself as an industry expert.

Each milestone starts with a Kickstart webinar led by me. Together, with the marketing provider relevant to that section, we’ll present the key details as well as what to expect.

You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions during the session.

We’ll then meet one-on-one (via Skype Video or phone) to discuss your specific circumstances, talk about what you want to achieve and set some deadlines. During this time I’ll answer your questions, tackle any blockages and kick-start the process of creating the actual content.

At this point, you’ve entered the slipstream – and you’ll be working alongside either myself and/or the marketing expert relevant to the section.

You’ll also have the opportunity to ask me all your marketing questions throughout the process.

Action creates reaction.

Content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. So, whilst we cover the why and what, this program is all about the how – it’s about getting stuff done. The quicker you start sharing your valuable knowledge, the quicker you’ll start to see results.

Specific areas covered and outputs produced include:

[Are you ready? They’re enormous!]


Brand & Message

Getting this right is a critical first starting point – one many small business owners neglect.

  • I’ll guide you though my tried and tested Brand Boffin process that identifies the key pillars of your brand. The findings will form part of all future marketing / creative briefs, plus be shared amongst your staff to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Together we’ll uncover the real story about why you do what you do.
  • We’ll also nail your editorial mission, which will become your filter for all future content creation.

Dollar investment …

  • Copywriter to refine and articulate your story $250 (ex GST).

Your time investment ~ 4-hours.



Now, because the Accelerator program is all about creating content, we only make some minor adjustments to your website to ensure the content can be found.

  • Specifically, we get you to add a link for a blog, podcast and videos. Don’t stress, we can do it, or we can work with your web developer.
  • We’ll also add a registration form to your site from which visitors can give you their email address in exchange for your eBook. Yep, eBook!
  • Plus we’ll set up your email auto-responder series and write the first three emails.

Dollar investment … $800 (ex GST)

  • Adding blog, podcast and video section to your website.
  • Adding registration form to website.
  • Email auto-responder subscription for first 12-months.
  • Optional – You also have the option of working with my conversion expert who can continually split test website changes on a monthly basis to ensure you’re optimising your enquiry – $850 / month (ex GST).

Your time investment ~ 2-hours.


Search Engine Optimisation

This is all about letting Google know what your website is all about in order to optimise your rankings for keyword searches.

  • We’ll provide a keyword research report that identifies the top 10 keywords you should target with your content.
  • Then, we’ll optimise all primary pages of your website (this is like putting a name on your jumper!) to give them the best chance of getting found.

Dollar investment … $1,000 + $15 per web page (ex GST)

  • Keyword report.
  • Page optimisation.
  • Your Google+ Local listing optimised.

Your time investment ~ 1-hour.



Having an eBook is a valuable gift for prospects and clients. Plus it’s a great way to articulate your key messages.

  • Together we’ll identify the most pressing question your prospects have and answer it in your very own eBook. We’ll work with you and your clients to crowd source the answers.
  • Once written, we’ll get it beautifully designed then added to your website so people can download it free (in exchange for their email address). Boom … You’re now creating a prospect list as well as becoming an opinion leader!

Dollar investment … $1,550 (ex GST)

  • Copywriter.
  • Designer.
  • Creating website page to host eBook.

Your time investment ~ 5-hours.



This is the starting point for most content marketers, and the best way to keep your website current and updated. Google love that!

  • With your newly uncovered editorial mission in hand, and a bunch a keywords just itching to get found, together we’ll write your first 10 blog post headlines.
  • We’ll even help you write your first three blog posts.

Dollar investment …

  • Zip. None. Nudda.

Your time investment ~ 3-hours.



Wipe the lippy off your teeth … it’s time to stare down the barrel of that camera. But don’t stress, you’ll get all the coaching you’ll need to be yourself!

  • We’ll create a 90-second video business card showcasing your business in the brightest of lights.
  • You’ll also answer your ten most frequently asked questions.
  • We’ll also show you how to produce more (quickly and cheaply) as the need arises.
  • We’ll post all 11 videos to your website plus optimise them for Google.
  • Oh, and we’ll set you up with a sweet little YouTube channel, upload all your videos to it and optimise them so Google can index them.

Dollar investment … $4,480 (ex GST).

  • Video business card.
  • 10 FAQ videos.
  • YouTube Channel design and set up.
  • Optimising 11 videos on YouTube and your website.

Your time investment ~ 8-hours.



I’ll work with you to produce a 5-part evergreen series (ie. not time sensitive) of audio recordings. We’ll get it on to your website plus listed on the Apple iTunes store.

  • We’ll identify 5 topics for you to discuss.
  • As well as identify the best structure – eg. solo, co-host, interviews.

Dollar investment … $1,505 (ex GST)

  • A Blue Yeti microphone.
  • Pre-recorded intro & outro written and recorded.
  • Editing of five episodes.
  • iTunes cover artwork design.
  • Setting up your iTunes feed.
  • Transcription of all five episodes.
  • Writing and posting to website of 5 sets of show notes.
  • Optimising all five episode pages for Google.

Your time investment ~ 7-hours.


Social Media

It’s no good creating all the content if you can’t share it with the world. That’s where social media steps in.

  • We’ll review your current social media activity.
  • Suggest ways to improve it.
  • Ensure each channel is well branded and optimised.
  • Establish a strategy that will enable you to share your content to a wider audience.
  • Plus there’ll be a special focus given to optimising your LinkedIN presence.

Dollar investment …

  • Design of appropriate headers and avatars – $150 per channel.

Your time investment ~ 4-hours.


Get ready to own your niche.

The entire Content Marketing Accelerator Program is laser-focused on positioning you as the expert in your industry niche.

If you’re ready to take action and make the best investment for your business’s future, then schedule a Discovery Call with me now. This is an opportunity for us both to establish if it’s right for you and your business.

At the end of the Content Marketing Accelerator Program you will have:

  1. Brand and message clarity.
  2. Your business’s story articulated.
  3. Your editorial mission nailed.
  4. Clarity around your top 10 keywords.
  5. An improved website containing much richer content.
  6. An optimised Google+ Local listing.
  7. A prospect list building strategy.
  8. A pain-free, highly effective blog strategy.
  9. An engaging video business card.
  10. 10 highly useful FAQ videos.
  11. A rockin’ YouTube channel.
  12. A 5-part podcast series listed on Apple iTunes.
  13. Your very own eBook.
  14. A social media strategy for sharing your content.
  15. A laser-focused LinkedIn strategy.

*** This is a 6-month program that will accelerate your marketing and its effectiveness more than you could imagine ***

The monthly membership is $1,995 (ex GST) with a six-month commitment.

There will also be additional dollar investments to cover production costs as detailed above.

If all content is created quicker than six months then we will continue to work on additional marketing initiatives we identify along the way.

Plus you’ll receive 12-months free access to the Small Business Big Marketing Forum valued at $588 (ex GST).

*** You also have the option (after the conclusion of the 6-months) to opt-in to a monthly maintenance package in which you have access to me via Skype Video or phone for 3-hours per month for an investment of $750 (ex GST).

“I got so much out of Tim’s authentic insights on how to market yourself smarter as a small business.”

Helen Han, Senior Media Adviser, Suncorp Life