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Don’t take my word for it –
Hear from a current Deep Dive Mastermind Member

(And below that I’ve endeavoured to answer all other questions you may have):

“I was not sure whether I would get the most out of joining DDM because I’m never short of marketing ideas or motivation, it was just the time to follow through!  But I couldn’t miss this opportunity, are you kidding – having Timbo listen to me about my business and giving me advice!  Marketing gold 101!

What I love about the group is the chance to ask Timbo anything you want about your business. He asks great questions back which really gets you thinking about what you’re doing and why.  He was very quick to find 2 weaknesses in our business, which I knew were there, but just hadn’t got to. But when Timbo backs you, you get things done!

Timbo also suggested we needed a seasonal marketing plan and it has changed my world; I’m now thinking about what I’m doing, and seeing new opportunities, and saving  time and my weekly headache.  I am planning it out more and I am being more effective.

I also have confidence to do more marketing because I am know what to do; instead of doing 10 things, I’m just doing a few things properly!  I have outsourced some responsibilities I had because I know that my time is more valuable spent in marketing – there’s no way I would have had that confidence without DDM.  

It’s just great to spend that 2 hours every week to contemplate your business.  Our brand is getting stronger and marketing decisions get easier when you know what your’r about.

I’m really focussed on calls to action in our marketing activities, and trying to keep things really simple.  I’ve also learnt about some great new tools that help save my time.  
And I really enjoy listening to other people about their businesses, and offering advice.  

I would recommend DDM to any business owner who is seriously looking to take their business to a new level.  Whether you know what to do or you’re not sure, whether you have the time or don’t, you will gain the confidence in your marketing decisions, and become accountable to make them happen.  It’ll be a game-changer!”

Jenny Menz
The Wall Sticker Company

All your questions answered …

What can I expect from being a member?

Listen to the above audio. Seriously, it reveals everything.
If it doesn’t, then I can put you in touch with an existing member who can tell all!

How many in the Mastermind?

A maximum of 10 motivated small business owners.

When is it held?

Every Tuesday at either 10:00AM (Group #1) or 2:00PM AEDST (Group #2).
I am flexible with this if the Mastermind agrees there is a better time.

How often is it held?


How is it held?

Via a private webinar. All you need is an internet-connected computer.

Who will be in the group?

Motivated small business owners who have been through a discovery call with me to determine their suitability.

What’s the format?

Each week, we sit around a virtual board room table and each member  provides an update on where their business is at, and then has the opportunity to ask a question of me and the rest of the Mastermind.

How long does the weekly session go for?

As long as it needs to. Typically 60-90 minutes, but this depends on how many are on the call.

Do I have to stay for the duration?

It would be beneficial as you get to hear the solutions offered up by the Mastermind to all attendees’ marketing questions.

Is it recorded?

Absolutely not, meaning that you can share what you like. This is a closed, private group.

How much does it cost?

$449 (ex GST) recurring every 4-weeks.

Can you have a discount?

Well, not so much a discount; but if you pay for 6-months in advance you save 10%.

This is not as much as I thought it would be. Why?

It’s a founding members rate – it will go up quickly, but if you register at this rate, then you have it for the life of your membership.

Should I be excited?

Absolutely?! This is a big step forward in improving the marketing of your business and building of both your business and personal brands. 


Here’s how to apply:

Call me on +61 412 487 900

Skype Me at TheIdeasGuy

Email me at tim(at)smallbusinessbigmarketing(dot)com


Here’s what another current Member of the Deep Dive Mastermind has to say:

Why were you unsure or possibly sceptical about initially joining DDM?
I wasn’t. I had listened to Timbo’s podcast for years and also purchased ‘master class’ package last year so I know Tim was what my business needed.

What made you decide to join?
Oh, I think I just answered that. To elaborate, I kept hearing all these awesome ideas and resources that would help me market my business on Tim’s podcast, but there just never seemed to be enough time to do any of them. Whenever I would start something, I kept thinking, I wish I could ask Tim just to look this over. Then he emailed – now there’s no excuses, come Tuesday I know I’ve moved forward, however big or little that step is, in building my business.

What benefits have you received?

  1. The biggest step is (after completing all the exercises) we were able to articulate what we do, in a sentence. We thought we had done that, but we changed it completely since starting DDM and it’s much clearer now.
  2. Went through the terror barrier regarding a ‘virtual marketing team’ and have engaged a copywriter.
  3. We now have a weekly marketing ‘workshop’ where we action marketing tasks or ideas – we’re in our 11th year and it’s the first time we are regularly actioning marketing.
  4. Given me confidence to try different mediums (video) to market the business.

Who would you recommend DDM to and why?
To any small to medium business because there’s simply no limit to the marketing ideas that can be generated and tried. It’s not possible to do it all on your own, and even if you have a good team of employees, most people will not have a team of marketers. There is a crazy amount of value – not just weekly hours of input, but the amazing forum (which we have just looked at today) – that will be like having our own little ’sample marketing’ group to gauge new ideas. There’s everything to gain, and nothing to lose. The question is really who wouldn’t I recommend it to?

Louise Jordan, Little Devils Circus