Husqvarna’s Better Business Radio – Episode 1

husqvarna better business radio

Welcome to Husqvarna’s Better Business Radio – a radio-style show dedicated to providing Husqvarna dealers across Australia and New Zealand with business insights, tips and tools to exponentially (and inexpensively) grow their business. Grab a cuppa and notepad then hit the Play button …



Listen in and you’ll discover:

  • Insights from the recent 2015 Fiji Expo
  • Tips from 5 Husqvarna dealers on how they drive traffic in to their stores
  • How to effectively market to women
  • How to beat procrastination … forever
  • How to ensure people trust you
  • As well as the motivational quote of the month

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Episode Timeline

00:48   Husqvarna’s Stephen Clark shares his key messages from the 2015 Fiji Expo
04:31   Motivational Quote Of The Month
04:47   Retail marketing expert Amanda Stevens on how to effectively market to women
08.57   Keith Abraham (AKA Mr. Motivation) explains how to overcome procrastination
10:03   Husqvarna dealers share their tips on how to drive traffic in-store
12:15    Dr Ben Carvosso on trust







Over To You

What caught your attention in this episode? Maybe there’s a topic you’d like covered in an upcoming episode. Or maybe there’s something you’d like to share on an upcoming episode. Be sure to let your Husqvarna representative know.

Until next time, have a great month. Now get out there and build a better business 🙂