Idea #4 – Make It Easy For People To Do Business With You

There’s not many things I love more in business than transacting with a company that makes the pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase process SIMPLE. I just love it and I always make a point of telling them so…They deserve to know that their efforts don’t go un-noticed.

So, how easy is it to do business with you?

When a customer calls your business are they helped instantly?

When they have a question are they helped on the first call?

When they complain is it welcomed?

Without getting too mathematical on you, it has been said that a customer’s intentions to shop a store again are based on the following equation:

Merchandise value they will receive – the stress, time and effort costs they perceive = Customer’s intention to shop your business again.

The idea here is to drive out customer stress and there’s a number of ways of doing so:

  1. Help your customers consider all information – Create sales tools that layout out all the options in simple side-by-side comparisons. Seek ways that make it nearly impossible for customers to make a mistake when evaluating what you have to offer versus your competitors. This can be done just as easily for service businesses as it can be for those selling products.
  2. Help customers think in a more organised fashion – Make all your marketing materials absolutely simple to understand, easy to search, navigate and find.
  3. Put all our efforts in to increasing the overall perceived and real value of what your customers will receive by doing business with you, whilst at the same time reducing all the costs and hassles involved with purchase and usage. The easier it is for a customer to do business with you – to see, select and purchase your goods or services – the greater the likelihood of repurchasing.

The magic n this idea is in the fact that it recognises that life for many people these days is complicated enough. It’s busy, decisions abound, time is short and anxiety and stress is unfortunately rampant in our society. Any business that overtly recognises this and does something about it will win every time.

Now, list at least three reasons why this would be a worthwhile marketing idea for your business.




And three reasons why it wouldn’t work.




If it still stacks up, then start your TO DO list to get this idea underway…
That’s it for now. You’re last free business building idea is still to come and then you’re on your own, unless of course you bite the bullet…

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Tim & Luke
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