Idea #1 – Run a free information session…

I recently saw an advertisement promoting a two-hour training seminar on car maintenance. The course was designed to teach basic skills such as checking oil, tire pressure and battery levels. It was only available to women, was free of charge to attend and it was run by the local car yard. For them, this was a great way of targeting a group of people who often find the idea of buying a car an intimidating process. So the idea of running this free training seminar provided them with an ideal opportunity to build trust and confidence amongst this key target audience.


The financial and weight loss industries have known for years that a free seminar that educates potential customers is a great way of building business. A free seminar draws a crowd and enables the business to sell their product or service.

Here’s some examples…A Plant Nursery could offer a course on living a sustainable lifestyle? A Beautician could run a free seminar on looking your best for job interviews? Or a free seminar run by a real estate agent on the state of the market in their local area makes perfect sense.

When putting together a seminar, put some thought in to the following:

  • What would my topic be?
  • Where and when would you hold it?
  • How many people am I hoping to attract?
  • How would I promote it?
  • What would I use to present?
  • Should I invite a special guest?
  • Should I provide catering?
  • Should I provide something for people to take home?
  • And most importantly…how will I measure its success?

One of the great things about this idea is that people love to get out and socialise. Done well these can be a great way to sell your products or services, provide a n opportunity for networking whilst also providing a social outlet to your current and potential customers.

And if standing up and presenting in front of a group of people is not your speed then maybe consider doing it online using the many webinar software programs that are out there.

Now, list at least three reasons why this would be a worthwhile marketing idea for your business.




And three reasons why it wouldn’t work.




If it still stacks up, then start your TO DO list to get this idea underway…

That’s it for now. You’ve still got four business building ideas coming your way over the coming days.

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Yours in success…

Tim & Luke
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