Thanks for agreeing to be a part of the Small Business Big Marketing show. I’m very much looking forward to our fireside chat!

I will call you 5-minutes prior to our agreed start time to check audio quality and answer any questions you may have. Then I hit record, count down from three and away we go. Once the interview is over I stop recording, and am available for a chat.

Audio quality is so important to a great interview, so I’ve put together some points to ensure yours is optimised.

General Considerations

My interviews average 32-minutes, so during this time could you please:

1. Place your moby on silent during the interview.

2. Be in a quiet place with little or no background noise.

3. Avoid other potential interruptions.

Skype Interviews

If I’m interviewing you via Skype, then please:

1. Have headphones (otherwise I’ll hear myself speak!).

2. Use an external mic (if you have one). Otherwise the built-in one on your computer will suffice.

2. Have your computer connected to the Internet via ethernet. If this is not possible, and you must use wireless, please be in an area where the wireless connection is super strong.

3.  Close email on your computer.

4. Avoid any uploading or downloading anything during the interview.

5. Keep relatively still and avoid fiddling with pens, your mouse etc! I know, sounds crazy, but it’s amazing how much background noise gets picked up … even to the point where the interview becomes unusable.

If you’ve got any questions then call me on +61 412 487 900, Skype me at TheIdeasGuy or email me at tim(at)timreid(dot)com(dot)au

Looking forward to speaking on the day.

Cheers … Tim.

P.S. If you’d like to get a sense of the show, take a listen to some of the other interviews I’ve done by listening to past episodes of Small Business Big Marketing.