Deep Dive Mastermind

Hey! So you’re keen to become a treasured Member of my Deep Dive Mastermind?

Nice work 🙂

If you’re a visual person, then picture this …

It’s 9:00AM on a Friday somewhere in Melbourne. You’re sitting around a swish boardroom table with 9 other motivated business owners – none of which are competitors. This is a safe space, laser-focussed on you growing that beautiful business of yours in to the empire it deserves to be. Then it begins. I clear my throat (yuk!), and welcome you all. After some quick introductions and a team hug (only jokin’, no team hug ;0), for the next 45-minutes I share an aspect of marketing that I know will be of value to you. You (and other Members) ask me some questions, to which I give some very direct, constructive answers. It’s then time to Deep Dive in to the collective genius of the Mastermind. Each Member shares an update on where their business is at, and shares their most pressing marketing question or blockage. We then go around the table giving other Members the opportunity to respond, provide encouragement or build on your thinking. By 1:00PM we’re done (cooked!), you’ve got what you came for (a big slice of marketing enlightenment), and you’re itching to get back to your business to implement. But wait! There’s more! Lunch. We all head out for a bite and a chinwag. Afterall, all work and no play is not good for anyone! And, in between Masterminds (they happen bi-monthly) you can email me with any questions.

Melbourne Group 1 is FULL. There’s strong interest in a second Melbourne Group and a Sydney Group. If you’re keen then email me and I’ll be in touch – tim(at)timreid(dot)com(dot)au.

If you’re one of those peeps who hates visualising things, and just wants the facts … 

    1. What is the Deep Dive Mastermind?
      It’s a group of nine motivated business owners, facilitated by moi, who come together bi-monthly to share marketing ideas and blockages, ask questions, and hold each other accountable with the sole purpose of growing each other’s businesses.


    1. Will there be competitors in the room?
      Nup. Once you’re industry is represented then it’s not available to anyone else in the same industry.


    1. Is it for me?
      Yes, if you’re a motivated and established business owner ready to take your business to the next level through smart marketing. And if you’re a person who loves being part of something special.


    1. Who’s it not for?
      Business owners on their last legs looking for a quick fix. Whilst being an active Member of the Mastermind will absolutely improve your business, it’s not a silver bullet. They don’t exist. Oh, and it’s also not for people who like to control the floor and not listen to or help others. Such an ugly trait ;0)


    1. How many other Members will there be around the table?
      Never any more than nine. And it will be the same nine each time.


    1. What should I expect as a Member?
      Lots of love and support around your marketing. You’ll get new ideas to get more customers that you never thought of. You’ll be brought up-to-speed on the modern world of marketing. You’ll be reminded of the power of old-school marketing. You’ll establish connections with some amazing people. You’ll break through any blockages you may have that are holding you and your business back. Basically, expect to be surprised and delighted.


    1. How much does it cost?
      $595 ex GST per session. All I ask is you commit to three consecutive sessions. So that’s (running for calculator) … $1,785 (ex GST).


    1. How often do they take place?


    1. When’s the first Melbourne group?
      Friday, March 23, 2018.
      Then Friday, June 1.
      Then Friday, July 27.
      Dates TBC for later in the year.


    1. Where?
      In a fancy boardroom somewhere central in Melbourne.


Melbourne Group 1 is FULL. There’s strong interest in a second Melbourne Group and a Sydney Group. If you’re keen then email me and I’ll be in touch – tim(at)timreid(dot)com(dot)au.