Matrix Planning Solutions – Marketing Presentation

Hi … Timbo here  …

Thanks for being a part of my presentation at the Matrix Planning Solutions conference.

As I said from the start, there’s never been a better time to market a small business.

To punch way above your marketing weight and attract and engage more prospects.

I very much enjoyed sharing some marketing nuggets with you to help you get there.

Below you’ll find links to all the resources I mentioned throughout the workshop.

I encourage you to action the ideas that were sparked during the session.

Yours in marketing success … Tim Reid.

Three great places to start

Download my slide deck here. (Please ask me for permission if you wold like to reuse any part of it).

Join the Small Business Big Marketing Forum (I’m in there everyday answering marketing questions).

Online Marketing Communications Masterclass – This is 16-hours of recorded webinars I hosted with leading online marketing specialists from all key disciplines. It’s a great way to further your learnings from the session – I also suggest sharing it with anyone within your business that’s responsible for the marketing. They’ll love you for it!

Content Marketing

Download the Content Marketing eBook from here.

Video Marketing

iPhone Video training – Everything you need to know about creating engaging marketing videos using your iPhone.

Screenflow – Screen capture software for Mac (what I used at the workshop).

Camtasia – Screen capture software for PC.

Here’s my video business card on my personal brand website where I promote myself as a Marketing Speaker. (when I was carrying a few extra KGs!) – If you’d like an introduction to the producer then please email me through my contact form. They cost $1,500 (ex-Melbourne).

Example of a business’s FAQ videos.

Why you need life insurance example – A great example of a How To video.

A great YouTube channel by a financial adviser.


Subscribe free on iTunes to my show – Small Business Big Marketing

Work with me to get your own show – This is my consulting business that works with individuals and businesses to get them a podcast.

iTalk iphone app – Record and distribute using your iPhone.

Skype – Free VOIP software.

Skype Call Recorder – Records Skype calls (for Mac).

Blue Yeti Mic – The microphone I use for all my shows.

Audacity (PC) – Free editing software.

Audacity (Mac) – Free editing software.


Site Boost – My training course that revelas the characteristics of a successful website.

Aweber – The email marketing software I use to build a list on my website.

Netregistry – Best place to register domain names (Australian-based).

If you’d like an introduction to a gun website developer then please contact me here.

Let Me Google That For You  – When someone asks you a (stupid) question!


My interview with Cliff Rosenberg – LinkedIn’s CEO.


Elance – Find all sorts of specialists from writers to admin to design to web to editors.

Fiverr – Where people do things for five bucks!

99Designs – Start a design contest and receive loads of submissions.

99Copywriters – Find a copywriter.

Other helpful resources

The world’s best business book summaries.

Mindmeister – Mind mapping software.

Dropbox – Store files in the cloud and access them from anywhere.

Survey Monkey – A simple way to get people’s opinions through online surveys.

If I missed one, or you’d like a recommendation for a particular area of your marketing or your seeking a marketing speaker for your next conference then please feel free to contact me here or call me on 0412 487 900.