How to build a personal brand.

The above interview was the result of a question Drew Grosskreutz of Otium asked on the Asteron Life Better Business Forum on LinkedIn recently.

Drew’s question was this:

“I want to create my own personal brand. Do you have tips and tricks, can you share where you started and what you would have completed differently if you did it again?”

tim reid

It’s a big question, and an important one. The idea of building a personal brand isn’t new, but it’s a strategy that’s growing in popularity amongst business owners and employees as the channels to doing it become more accessible.

So, I thought the best way to tackle it was to get Drew to interview me; as interviewing others and sharing my own marketing opinions through the audio medium was instrumental in me getting exposure and building my own personal brand.

Please enjoy and be sure to head back to Asteron Life’s Better Business Forum LinkedIn group for more fantastic marketing discussion.

Drew Interview Personal Branding – Please feel free to download the transcript of this interview and scribble your notes all over it.