My criteria for selecting a guest …

Hi, Timbo here.

Thanks for expressing an interest to appear on Australia’s #1 marketing podcast – The Small Business Big Marketing Show.

I’m honoured.

As the show continues to grow in popularity, I’ve had to put in place a strict criteria for choosing my guests. It sounds picky, I know, however it’s all about being true to my editorial mission.

To that end, what I’m looking for are successful business owners with a great story to tell, who have used some form of marketing effectively to grow their business. And more and more, I’m looking for bricks & mortar type businesses, rather than online stores.

Classic examples include Karl from Xennox Diamonds and Joe from MyBins or Radek from SWisse Multivitamins.

Every now and then I break the rules and seek out a service provider to business who has something amazing to offer. Like Troy & Zara from Humor Australia. But this is much more the exception to the rule than the norm.

And every now and then I find someone who’s done some amazing marketing that just hasn’t worked … like Ben from How to tie a tie YouTube fame 🙁

So thanks for putting your hand up.

I’ve kept your details and may well contact you down the track if my criteria does a back flip :).

Wishing you loads of success in whatever’s next …

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Host of Australia’s #1 Marketing Podcast