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Hi, Timbo here.

Thanks for attending my helpful marketing presentation for Sensis recently.

I trust the marketing gold I shared with you will positively impact on your business, sooner rather than later.

The secret now is to take swift action. Implement just one idea that resonated. As a bonus, click HERE for an article I wrote containing 9 ways to get stuff done.

To that end, please find below access to my slide deck, my Top 5 interviews I know you should listen to and links to all the resources mentioned.

May your marketing become a hobby.

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Resources mentioned during my keynote:

Video & Audio

Lapel mic -Microphone that plugs in to your smart phone & attaches to your top
Blue Mikey – Microphone that plugs in to your smart phone
Tripod & Mount – Mount your smart phone directly to a tripod
Online Training – Create amazing videos with your smart phone
Designers – Have your YouTube header (or anything else) designed
Editors – An inexpensive source of editors
Intro / Outro – An inexpensive way to get an intro and outro made
Teleprompter – In case you forget what to say ;0)
BusVid – A top & tailing service


99Designs – Get anything designed inexpensively with a 100% money-back guarantee
Elance – Find a freelancers from all over the world
Fiverr – Hit & miss access to all sorts of common and unusual services
Swiftly – Small designs fixes, fast


Screenflow (Mac) – Screen recorder & video editor
Camtasia (PC) – Screen recorder & video editor
Evernote – An app to capture your ideas
Audacity – Record yourself
Skype – Free VOIP phone service
Skype Call Recorder (Mac) – Record conversations on Skype
Pamela Skype Recorder (PC) – Record conversations on Skype

Download my slide deck here:

Helpful Marketing

My Top 5 Interviews You Really Need To Listen To

Episode 236 – Steve Sims shares an amazing referral marketing idea
Episode 222
– Darren Finkelstein of St Kilda Boat Sales, building a strong personal brand
Episode 197 – Melissa Maker of Clean My Space, using a game-changing video marketing strategy
Episode 215 – Michelle Bridges on how to seriously get stuff done
Episode 205 – Joshua Nichols of Platinum Electricians on how to create raving fans

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