Small Business Big Marketing – Links


The following list covers all the links that get mentioned in the Small Business Big Marketing Intensive – you’ll find yourself coming back to it over and over again.


Set up an Adwords account

Mike Rhodes (the guy on the DVD) – If you don’t want to do it yourself  (Tell him Tim & Luke sent you and he’ll REALLY look after you)

Perry Marshall’s eBook (this guy’s good!) – If you do want to do it yourself

Perry Marshall’s world – This guy has so much quality info on Adwords, here’s his home page!


Register for Google Apps – This is what I use to crowd source content

An interview we did with a Google Apps specialist

An interview with a stay at home Mum who self-published a cook book

Blurb – Create a book from scratch

Magcloud – Create a magazine from scratch

Tim’s Book – Cha-Ching!


WordPress – The best platform to create your blog in

WooThemes – Free and cheap themes to make your blog look amazing


Advanced Fan Page Solutions – Leigh is who we get to design and code all our Fan Pages

Visit our Fan Page


Phil McKinney’s blog and podcast on Killer Innovations – Gold!

59 Killer Questions


Adam Posner is the loyalty specialist


Get LinkedIn with Tim

Get LinkedIn with Luke


Elance – A job board where you can

Odesk – Very similar to Elance (we prefer Odesk though)

Fiverr – People will do amazing things for five bucks!

Replace Myself – John Jonas explains exactly how to use a Virtual Assistant in The Philippines

99Designs – Find a designer

99 Copywriters – Find a writer

20DollarBanners – Get banners designed for $20!


Subscribe to Small Business Big Marketing

Making A Podcast – Apple’s tutorials

Audacity – Free editing software

Zoom H2 – A great microphone for recording interviews on the hop

Skype Call Recorder – Enables you to record interviews using Skype


Sreenflow – Screen capture software for the mighty Mac!

Camtasia – Screen capture software for the lowly PC! (Don’t buy the Mac version)

Dropbox – Store 2gb for free in the cloud (we love this)

Humyo – Store 10gb for free in the cloud (we’ve not used this)

Mindmeister – Great mind mapping software

Eyejot – Free video emails

Basecamp – Project management software

5PM – Cheaper project management software

Trendwatching – A great way to see what’s trewnding in the world of consumer behaviour

Springwise – New business ideas from around the world

Get Abstract – Read lots of business books quickly (all summarised down to 5 pages)

Wisestamp – Email signature software


Dr. Joanna Martin – She is good. Very good. If you want to learn how to sell from stage. (Tim’s done her 3 day course and loved it!)


Send Out Cards – Create and send real cards from your computer (this is a real clutter buster)


Sony Bloggie – A great gadget if you want to ensure you’re always in frame

Flip Video -Like the Bloggie but you can’t see if you’re in frame

Kodak zi8 – Similar to above but with external audio jack for a lapel mic


Go To Webinar – It’s the best webinar software going around (free 30-day trial)

Dim Dim – A free webinar platform


James Schramko – An interview with a guy who knows exactly how to make the web work for any business

Fast Web Formula – Jame’s amazing deal he’s done for SBBM folk (Buy it…it’s a game changer)

Google Keyword Tool – See what words and phrases people are using when searching

Market Samurai – A fancy (and much better) version of Google’s key word tool (free trial)

Google Places – Get to the top of Google when someone does a ge0-tagged search for a business like yours

How to make websites – Luke’s free step by step instruction guide


John Carlton’s Simple Writing System – A 17-step process to writing copy that sells (watch out for the long sales letter!)

Copyscape – Check to see if people are cutting and pasting from your website


Pete William’s book – How to turn your million dollar idea in to a reality (Free)