Get your brand in front of 1000s of small business owners.

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Over the past three years, we’ve built a loyal listener base of motivated small business owners and marketers.

We now have solid in-episode sponsorship or on-site advertising opportunities for brands that want to get in front of such a crowd.

BUT, we don’t want to take on just anyone – we need to love what you do so as we can easily integrate it in to our show PLUS your product or service must solve a genuine problem our listeners have.

Many want to drive fast cars – so we welcome any sports car manufacturers.

Many want to travel the world -so we welcome all airlines.

And many want loads more money, so hello banks!

Of course, we’ll need to sample any potential sponsor’s product or service ;0)

OK, enough hilarity … if you’d like to get in front of our 1000s of  loyal listeners then feel free to knock on our door:

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