J.D. Barker | International Best-Selling Author

J.D. Barker | International Best-Selling Author

J.D. Barker, an international bestselling author, discusses the importance of book covers, his transition from a corporate job to becoming an author, and his views on the broken traditional publishing model. He also shares insights on working with co-authors, the impact of Stephen King on his career, and the future of publishing.

In this Spotlight episode, J.D. Barker flicks the switch on:

  • How he got his start as an author, and getting his first book to market
  • What role Stephen King plated in J.D.’s early career
  • Why the traditional publishing model is broken and what J.D.’s doing about it.
  • Revenue streams for authors in 2024 and beyond.
  • And how J.D. is helping co-authors get a start.

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J.D. Barker’s Key Takeaways …

  1. The importance of book covers in the success of a book, and the difference between indie publishing and traditional publishing.
  2. The transition from a corporate job to becoming a successful author, and the challenges and rewards of this career change.
  3. Insights into the broken traditional publishing model and the emergence of a new approach to publishing.
  4. The impact of Stephen King on J.D. Barker’s career and the significance of influential mentors in the author’s journey.
  5. The future of publishing and the role of co-authors in the creative and business aspects of writing and publishing.

In J.D. Barker’s own words – I’m an international bestselling author known for suspense novels that often blend elements of horror, crime, and the supernatural. My works include titles like “The Fourth Monkey” and “Behind a Closed Door.” Besides writing, I host the Writers Inc. podcast, and I’m deeply engaged in discussions about the evolving state of the publishing industry, particularly the challenges and innovations shaping it in 2024. I’ve also experimented with the publishing model, blending traditional and indie methods to maximize control over my work. As I continue to navigate the dual roles of writer and industry innovator, I aim to empower other authors with the tools and knowledge to succeed in this challenging space. Whether it’s through co-authoring, workshops, or podcasting, my goal is to make a lasting impact on the publishing industry.

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