Olivia Fox on charisma

#126 Olivia Fox on charisma – A very under-utilised marketing strategy.

Olivia Fox is a leading expert in the area of charisma. And this fireside chat I had with her has convinced me that charisma is a under-used marketing strategy by us motivated small business owners. And the good news is, you don’t need to be born charismatic … charisma can be learned. Phew!

My 3 key learnings from this episode to apply in your business are:

1. Charisma can be learnt.
2. Charisma is a seriously under-utilised marketing tactic which, once nailed, will provide you with a unique point-of-difference.
3. Don’t underestimate the vibe we give out when amongst clients and prospects and how it impacts on our sales process.

PLUS (there’s always more, isn’t there?!) …. I share a marketing success one of my Deep Dive Mastermind members had. Happy days!