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#112 It’s question time! Personal branding. Marketing to corporates. Business cards PLUS loads more.

One of the great things I love about putting out this weekly podcast is the number of questions that come in from my listeners. It’s a fantastic way for me to get a sense of what’s on your marketing mind, and of course, for me to answer them every now and then in the actual show itself. And that’s what I’m doing in this episode.

So grab a cuppa and settle in (pen and notepad at the ready) as I tackle marketing challenges that cover personal branding versus business branding, including social media on business cards, how to get in front of senior management, seeking online and free publicity plus loads more. Listen up!

#109 The 8 Stories You Must Tell To Build An Epic Business.

Valerie Khoo is a journalist, speaker and small business commentator. She’s also the founder of the Sydney Writers’ Centre which is a world-class training facility for budding writers. Valerie is also the author of the best-selling business book – Power Stories – and that’s what we talk about on today’s episode.

Valerie’s belief is that when you tell the right stories, you can transform a brand into an icon, turn your customers into tireless advocates (we love that!), and give your business – or yourself – an unbeatable advantage. And I gotta say, I totally agree with her – afterall, who doesn’t love, remember and share a good story? Power Stories really is an essential guide to learning how to identify and create stories that will build your small business. Listen up …