kylie minogue

#128 Trying to get a date with Kylie has its (business) rewards!

Brighton-based business executive and fellow marketer, John Dingeldei wants a date with Kylie Minogue. Who doesn’t! In fact, Dannii would be just fine!

However, unlike my perverted reasons for wanting one, John’s are pure – he’s raising money for a number of charities as part of a campaign called 5 Dates In 5 Weeks.

He’s already knocked off his first four dates (so to speak!) and has now set his sights on a little tait de tait with one of the most well known women in the Western world. Good on him, I say!

John approached me via email, asking if I could help him get this fifth, albeit very challenging, date. Now whilst I don’t know Kylie, I’m reckoning that the six degrees of seperation law that applies to us all will reveal that one of my listeners will have access to her and make it happen. Enjoy and let’s see if we can make it happen.

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