what is guerrilla marketing?

#99 How To Get Millions Of Dollars Of Free Exposure.

Since starting the Messages On Hold business in 1988 from his bedroom in Perth, Kym Illman has generated tens of millions of dollars worth of free TV and press exposure at some of Australia’s (and the world’s) largest sporting events.

His marketing tool of choice is the little understood strategy of Guerrilla marketing (AKA ambush marketing).

Sacked from a cushy TV station job in 1988, Kym has achieved unpaid coverage at major sporting events including Cathy Freeman’s run at the 2000 Olympic Games, AFL grand finals and Melbourne Cups!

Whilst they’ve got him in to some hot water, they have also contributed to the success of the Messages On Hold business which is now turning over sixteen million dollars annually.

Listen in as Kym explains how he has (and you can) use guerrilla marketing to successfully increase the awareness of your business. Enjoy!