#88 A Million Dollar Business in 2.5 Years on $0 Marketing Budget.

Three years ago BlackMilk Clothing didn’t exist. Then one day in 2009, James Lillis sold a pair of leggings for $10 that he’d stitched together around his kitchen table. The dream was launched.

Two and half years later BlackMilk Clothing is a multi-million dollar, 100% Australian-owned business employing 130 people and selling out of everything they make … bought by an unbelievably loyal following of raving fans – 160,000+ of them on Facebook, alone!

Not to mention the tens of meet-up groups that connect globally, all manned by volunteers who live for BlackMilk’s next product.

Oh, and did I mention they’ve done this on a modest marketing budget of ZERO DOLLARS! Yep, nudda. Zip!