Wanted: SBBM Listener Who Wants To Get Paid To Listen To *New* Episodes

  • Do you love marketing?
  • Do have a talent for writing/blogging?
  • And have you already listened to most of the SBBM podcast episodes?

If you answered “yes” to all 3 questions, I might have found the dream job for you!

Ok here’s the situation…

I need help!

I’ve really started to pickup some momentum with the Small Business Big Marketing podcast – we’re getting thousands of monthly downloads, we have a great community forum and I’m being invited to speak around the world.

Happy days, right? We’ll not quite…

It’s hard work getting everything done and I don’t even have a lot of time to scratch myself. In fact, I often have odds and ends that just need to get done and I’m finding I’m the bottle neck! Yeah I know, sounds like every small business owner right?

Anyway, I wanted to reach out to you…

I’m looking for someone who’s sharp when it comes to marketing and who loves the SBBM brand. Someone looking for a little extra cash, with flexible hours and on a topic they love – marketing.

To start, I’ll get you to listen to episodes of SBBM (before anyone else) to create the show notes and a follow-up blog post or two. Further down the track I might even get you to help syndicate the episodes across my social media accounts. It might sound easy but please note: I’m not looking for any old Joe or Jill…

The right person will:

  • Have listened to 25+ episodes of SBBM (already a fan)
  • Understand my brand, marketing in general, and have a passion to help small business owners
  • Be a talented copywriter (or at the very least have awesome control of the written word)
  • Know your way around WordPress
  • Have great attention to detail
  • Have a high level of integrity

Sound like you? Here’s what I’m offering…

A casual position to start. Just a few hours every week. You can get a feel for the way I work and I can get a feel for the way you work.

I’ll pay you of course but you’re not going to be able to retire on it. In effect, you’ll get paid to learn… think about all the marketing gold I’ll share with you? Win – win – win!

If we’re the right fit I’m happy to ramp up your workload, responsibilities and get you more involved in jobs around SBBM – and even a few other projects I’m involved in. This could be fun!

Who might be perfect for this position.

I’m thinking, any stay at home mum or dad who loves the show and would like a little extra cash on the side. Or maybe you’re a marketing junkie and just love the idea of working with me?

Side note: If you’re looking to ride the SBBM gravy train, you’re in the wrong spot. Remember that SBBM is a free podcast 🙂 Sure I will pay you but you’ll also get paid in marketing gold… if you’re the ‘right person’ for the job I think you’ll find the latter much, much more rewarding!

If you’re keen to apply fill out a quick questionnaire below.

Click here to fill out a quick questionnaire!

I hope you’re the star I’m looking for!

Note: Applications close 26th July 2013.