Top 10 Product Fails (** Rude Warning :)

I love a good invention as much as the next person.

The iPod was a game changer.

Sliced bread? Bring that on.

Even a onesie mid-Winter has a role.

But check out these product fails:

1. The Bra Mask … At what point was this a good idea?

product fail


2. This young fella will grow up thinking he’s a caged animal

product fail



3. Really? Knife not good enough?

product fail


4. I’d love to have been in that meeting.

product fail


5. Well, it’d certainly be the cleanest thing in the house.

product fail


6. I wish I’d had this when the old man said “Pull your socks up, son!”

product fail


7. Woof, woof!

product fail


8. Great for water slides!

product fail


9. If you need this, then just pass on the soup

product fails


 10. Not really a product fail, just bloody funny dummy (pacifier ;0)

funny dummy


So, which is your favourite?

Or, which one would you actually love to have?

Come on … fess up. This is a safe space ;0)


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