[Productivity Tool] Video Speed Controller – speed up, slow down, advance & rewind any HTML5 video with quick shortcuts.

Today’s productivity tool to make your business a whole lot easier is  Video Speed Controller.

Video Speed Controller can quite literally save you at least 5 hours per week.

How is that so?

Well, I’m guessing like me you consume a lot of videos, right?

However, most people watch videos in just normal speed. However, with this tool you can speed videos up and watch them in 1.5 speed or 2X speed or 3X or more.

So, if you’ve got a video that goes for say 10 minutes, you can actually consume that in 3 to 5 minutes if you use this tool.

It’s available for free as a Chrome extension.

So, if you’re using the Chrome browser you can search under Extensions.

Video Speed Controller

You can then install a video speed controller and then what happens is any time you’re watching a video whether that be on YouTube or Viddler or Vimeo or any of the other tools in the top left-hand corner of that video will be a minus an a plus.

Minus of course, slows the video down and the plus will speed the video up.


So, now you can watch a longer video in a much shorter space of time.

So, go ahead and check out the video speed controller. You’ll be glad you did.

And if you already use it, let me know how it’s going.

This guest post was kindly provided by Dale Beaumont of 52 Ways – one of the best one day workshops for business owners.


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