340 – Former SAS Soldier Reveals 5 Critical Business Success Lessons

340 – Former SAS Soldier Reveals 5 Critical Business Success Lessons

Scott Houston is an ex-SAS soldier turned award-winning business owner. Once he jumped out of a plane only to find his parachute wouldn’t (in fact didn’t) open! In this chat we talk about how he turned that into a business lesson plus four other lessons that he has learned from the SAS that we can all apply to grow a better business.

We cover plenty of ground in this chat including:

  • 5 lessons that Scott has learnt from his time in the SAS that we can all apply to grow a better business.
  • Leadership and why ‘shooting Bambi’ is critical for business success
  • I share another low cost marketing idea for you to implement immediately in our new segment lovingly called What Have You Got To Lose? This week’s idea is all about how to create your brand story.
  • And we revisit a past episode in which I spoke to high-flying corporate couple turned cold pressed juice entrepreneurs Nat and Steve.
  • Plus plenty more



00:00  Love for Cornerstone Business Solutions & WebCentral
00:58   Teaser
01:35  Welcome & overview
04:05  Today’s guest introduction – Scott Houston of Executive Risk Solutions
05:40  Interview withScott Houston of Executive Risk Solutions
45:15 Insights into Cornerstone Business Solutions & WebCentral
47:30  My Top 3 Attention Grabbers from my chat withScott Houston of Executive Risk Solutions
49:17  What Have You Got To Lose?
53:50  Wrap-up and an insight into both a past guest & next week’s guest




  1. Jump and enjoy the ride. Apply this mindset to your marketing. Try new things and have some fun with it. That’s what What Have You Got To Lose? is all about.
  2. Shoot the Bambis. How is that for tough soldier talk!? Whilst it might sound a little harsh I think the key point is to move those employees that are getting in the way of growing your business. That may just mean giving them different responsibilities; not necessarily getting rid of them altogether.
  3. Scott felt as the he was ‘Out of his depth’. How reassuring is it to hear that GI Joe was out of his depth?! That makes us mere mortals feel a little more normal, right?




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What Have You Got To Lose? – How to tell your brand story



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