354 – Macadamia Mogul Pam Brooks Shares Her Learnings in Building an Empire with Effective Networking and Marketing

354 – Macadamia Mogul Pam Brooks Shares Her Learnings in Building an Empire with Effective Networking and Marketing

Pam Brook went from a dentist to the co-founder of  award winning food manufacturer Brookfarm, which she established near Byron Bay with her husband Martin (who was an ex-film producer!) in 1999. Brookfarm is now Australia’s leading producer of gourmet macadamia products.

What struck me most about Pam when I met her was her eclectic mix of solid business acumen, her passion for what she does and her laid-back style.

Listen in as we cover some serious marketing ground including:

  • How Pam and her hubby are building an empire in their family-run, award-winning macadamia farm Brookfarm
  • Pam’s take on effective networking, what that means and how to do it
  • Pam’s strategy for dealing with the stress of a growing business
  • Brookfarm’s focus on sustainable farming practices and the connection between food and the land it comes from

But that’s not all. In this episode of your favourite marketing podcast:

As per usual, there’s marketing gold dripping from the ceiling over at Small Business Big Marketing’s HQ … So let’s get right in.






00:00  Two marketing Insight
01:23  Teaser
01:49  Welcome & overview
03:18  Insights into The Small Business Outsourcing Tour to the Philippines and Castaway Awards
05:29  Today’s guest introduction – Pam Brook
07:09  Interview with Pam Brook
41:53  Insights into Cornerstone Business Solutions
43:59  Insights into into Key Person of Influence and The Small Business Big Marketing Club
47:17 My Top 3 Attention Grabbers from my chat with Pam Brook
49:11  How to create a little WOW! to grow your business
52:12 Wrap-up and an insight in to both a past guest & next week’s guest





  1. Clever businesses solve problems REALLY well. How well are you solving your customer’s’ problems? What could you do to solve them even better?. 
  2. Don’t do what you’re not good at. This week, identify 3 tasks you could hand over to someone else to do. Then call Cornerstone to find a virtual team member who’ll take them off your hands.
  3. Network. Really network! Business owners up in the Byron area are truly helping to build each other’s businesses through the smart exchange of knowledge and resources, not just business cards.





Brookfarm’s official website

Cape Byron Distillery

Small Business Big Marketing Outsourcing Tour To The Philippines

Castaway Awards

Full interview with Joep from Shacky

Delivering Happiness by Zappos founder Tony Shay

Get access to the 9 steps involved in creating highly profitable partnerships from Key Person of Influence’s Glen Carlson inside The Small Business Big Marketing Club






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