7 Graphic Design Fails (#6 will have you scratching your head!)

I’m the first to admit my graphic design talents are average.

In fact, I often struggle deciding whether to match my socks to my shoes or pants!

That said, I have spent 25 years working with amazing designers from around the world, and that’s at least taught me to pick a graphic design fail a mile away.

Here’s seven of the best graphic design fails:

1. Anti drug pencil? Or subliminally a pro-drug pencil?

anti drug marketing

2. If people are driving by at 60 km/h, then what’s fair? Three words max?

bad bus ad

3. Fruit was made for eating. Not type-setting.

poor typesetting

4. Clip art’s dead, right?

bad florist logo

5. Is this a test or something?

is this a test or something

6. At what point did the illustrator go “Hell yeah, I’ve nailed it!”

maple syrup advertisement

 7. Poor font selection can ruin your day.

bad font selection

Graphic design is so important to how a business presents itself to the world.

That’s why I leave graphic design to the experts.

Have you ever had a bad design experience (one that you’re willing to share?!)

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