Timbo answers your most pressing marketing questions | #469

Timbo answers your most pressing marketing questions | #469

“Where should the focus be for my upcoming keynote?”

“How do I avoid spamming my database?”

“Can I start another business in my 50s?”

“Should I run an online survey?”

“Can I have your podcast workflow?”

These are just some of the questions you’ve been sending me over the past few months, and today I finally get around to answering them.


Question – Rhys Donovan of the Animal Rehab Klinik

Hey Timbo,

I’m having a debate with my business partner about an upcoming presentation that we’re doing, and we’ve got very different opinions on how we should structure it…so I figured I’d ask you for your opinion, because I can’t think of anyone more qualified to answer it!

The business I am in is animal allied healthcare/rehabilitation – just like when us humans are sore we might see a physio, chiro or massage therapist, but we provide that service for the family pet.

We’ve scored a gig presenting to a room full of veterinarians (our main source of referrals), right after the main presentation which is on hip replacements in animals. Our goal is to get every vet in that room sending us at least one case in the next 3 months. This will be the best platform that we’ve had so far to get our message across, so it’s important we nail it.

I’m of the opinion that we should focus our presentation on how strengthening & rehabilitation can help their patients with hip problems, because that’s what the Vets came there for. However, my business partner doesn’t want to be pigeon-holed as just the ‘hip rehab’ place because we can (and do) a lot more than that. So, he wants to talk about a range of things that we can help their patients with. 

I think both points are valid, I just don’t know what is the better option ¯\_(?)_/¯

How would a seasoned marketing guru and presenter like yourself handle this one?

Kindest of regards,


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Question – Scott Burns of CleanrCrates

Hey Timbo,

Great show mate. I’m looking for some advice on better ways to market my small business. I launched a year ago and growth has been quite slow. I have a basic email setup regarding autoresponder as I hate spam and have trouble getting my head around spamming the few customers I have (150 contacts with about 100 purchasing within that number.) 

I have been sending out free products to ‘up and coming’ Instagram influencers for a post and a story pointing out the positive points in our bundles. This is fantastic for exposure and IG profile views and al that BUT! Hardly any of them convert. If I got a small percentage of them converting I doubt I’d be writing to you. 

Stay sustainable!

Scott Burns.

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Question – Dean Zellman of Mr. Stitch

Hey TImbo,

I’ve been running an embroidery business for about 20 years now. We specialize in custom logos for TV/Movie and marketing companies as well as small to medium size businesses. 

Our work is very custom but I just haven’t seen any good out of the box marketing tips.

Are there any shows of your that might relate to my business?



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Question – Amera Eid of Ameras Palace Belly Dance Boutique

HI Tim !

Im re emailing you my message I sent you on Facebook …….

I just want to let you know that I have just started listening to your podcasts whilst driving back and forth to work  ,

You make my dreary drive worth it !

I don’t know how yet , but I know you will be mentoring me in my next venture .

8 years ago I sold my business Ameras Palace Belly Dance Boutique , that is now in its 32nd year ( pretty good for a small business ) I opened it in 1987 and its still going – granted didn’t make big dollars , but I created great pathways for like minded dancers around Australia – and I guarantee every Belly Dancer in Australia bought at least one product from there

Im now working full time as I moved to Caves Beach  NSW 18 months ago . I am itching to get back into my own business – and have come up with an idea , Cave Woman ( IN Caves Beach) I can just see this area as the Byron Bay of 20 years ago.

I just know my mindset needs to change from what it was from Ameras Palace ( which I opened with nothing ) to this project that needs to make money this time ( as I have a mortgage up here ) how do I start again in my fifties with no start up funds ?

Amera x



Question – Sam Krief of Stay Kinetic

Hey Timbo,

I’m a new business owner and I have set up a small podiatry supplies business (medical supplies) 

I just have a couple of questions and hoping for some of your wisdom. 

I have gone back to the very start of your podcast

And in the process of making my way through all of your episodes.

First question is around my email. You have just listened to an episode where it talks about an unprofessional email. 

I have set mine up as staykinetic(at)outlook(dot)com

And I thought that sounded reasonably professional. And I didn’t want to spend extra money on securing a different email when I thought this one was ok?

My second question is I don’t really know where to start with marketing the launch of my business to podiatrists. 

I have already done a bit of a soft launch with people in my direct network, but am in the process of trying to think of ideas to reach podiatry clinic owners outside my personal network. For reference I am a young (27) Podiatrist myself. 

Anyway I would love any help you could give me 

Cheers Sam

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Question – Would-be student Troy Heinz

Hi Tim,

Love what you do, just wanted to ask a question around studying marketing. Would it be wise to go off to university and waste 4-5 years of your life, when in today’s world social media is producing 100’s of videos around “marketing” that helps educate people?

Does the qualifications really matter? Or would you suggest starting in sales then work your way into marketing as a career?


Look forward to hearing from you.



Question – Roger Harrower of The Modern Butcher

Hey timbo.

I own a small retail butcher shop but am also pursuing other ventures. i hear a lot about market research but i don’t really know much about it. where do you start to run an online survey or is there companies that sell this sort of data. any info would be great or reference to a past podcast if you have covered this before.

love the show it’s very helpful and more importantly motivating

kind regards


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Question – Jonathon Painting of Jono’s Jerky

Gday Timbo! 

First of all, I love the show. 

I’ve listened to other business podcasts before but nothing provides as much value as yours. Pure Marketing G.O.L.D as you say! 

My wife and I run a business called Jono’s Jerky where we focus on creating a range of premium, full flavoured beef jerky. Currently we’re getting ready to launch a new product which has the potential to totally transform our business and take it to the next level. The product I’m talking about is a flavour of jerky that no one has done before… A Cheeseburger flavour! (I actually got the idea after listening to your interview with Phillip Kuoch, episode 441) 

Anyway, I have been going through your back catalogue to pick up as many tips as I can to help this launch be successful. 

Two of the best ones I found were the interviews with Kara from the Kader Boot Co and Tom Maclean from Sofi Spritz. 

I’m emailing to see what other episodes you can think of that are specific to new product launches or line extensions that might be useful for me?  

Also I’d like to finish with a tip for your listeners that has worked wonders for me! 

Every time I listen to an episode of SMBM I think of other business owners in my network who might enjoy and get good value out of that particular episode. For example customers, distributors, suppliers, friends or just someone who I’d like to connect with! It’s a simple thing and people really appreciate that I’m thinking about them, after all we can all get stuck in our own business bubble a lot of the time! 

I look forward to hearing from you! Jono.

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Monster Prize Draw winner

The winner of this week’s Monster Prize Draw is Matthew Harris of The Pedal Empire who wins over $1,000 worth of goodies thanks to the generosity of past guests.


Episode Transcription

Let’s get into your wonderful marketing questions that have been emailed to me over the last few months and that I have been sitting on. The first one is from Emily Harris who simply demands I mean asks in a short tweet. Very short tweet that I hand over my podcast workflow.

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