B2B Sales Tips For Small Business With BindiMaps Mladen Jovanovic | 649

B2B Sales Tips For Small Business With BindiMaps Mladen Jovanovic | 649

Here’s some B2B sales tips for small business. Afterall, B2B selling can be tricky. Even trickier if you’re selling a complex product or service to an infrequent buyer.  Today’s guest is confronted with both these challenges on a daily basis. Poor him, but lucky us as he’s about to share how he does it. It’s a businessy episode 649 of The (14 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.



A little more about BindiMaps Co-Founder Mladen Jovanovic …


So I know I’ve set up today’s special guest Mladen Jovanovic of BindiMaps, as a B2B sales expert. And he is; and you’re going to love the tips he shares including a super simple formula for ensuring your prospects feel understood, and why focussing on your staff first is also good for B2B selling.

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But Malden is also the co-founder of a very unique business. Called BindiMaps, think of it as Google Maps but for the indoors. That’s right, BindiMaps starts where Google Maps finishes. It maps large buildings, shopping centres, hospitals, sporting venues and so on, and delivers these maps via an app. I do love the never ending ways people make money!

Launched in 2019, the business employs 19 staff, has offices in Sydney and Melbourne, and has mapped indoor locations across Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

So lean in as Malden shares the BindiMaps origin story, why the original target audience quickly changed once they went live, and how they’ve gone about selling a complex product to an infrequent buyer.

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Righto, let’s go meet BindiMaps co-founder and B2B sales expert Malden Jovanovic …



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