Scumbags Barber Shop is a polarising brand … but for those that love it, they wouldn’t go anywhere else | #431

Scumbags Barber Shop is a polarising brand … but for those that love it, they wouldn’t go anywhere else | #431

Scumbags Barber Shop is where I get my haircut. Not just because I’m happy with the cut, but because it’s just so much fun to go there. The staff are all so friendly, it’s an interesting place to hang out, there’s a strong sense of community, plus you get a free beer! What more could you ask for?! Today we chat with Scumbags founder Harrison Mallory about how it all started from a little shop in an industrial estate.


“We’re in the service industry. If you don’t want to service people and make their experience unforgettable then don’t get in to the industry!”

– Harrison Mallory,
Scumbags Barber Shop


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Harrison also tackles:

  • How and why he started Scumbags
  • Why he called his business Scumbags
  • Why he doesn’t want to appeal to everyone
  • Why polarising certain types of customers is good for business
  • How he adds fun to the working week
  • How he creates memorable customer experiences
  • How he attracts and retains great staff
  • And so much more …


Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with Harrison Mallory :

  1. I love that Harrison doesn’t feel the need to appeal to everyone. Instead, he knows who is people are and build his brand, his marketing messages and the whole customer experience around this niche. I love seeing businesses polarise.
  2. I love Harrison’s attention to detail when it comes to creating an amazing customer experience. There’s nothing wrong with being a control freak when creating this important aspect of your marketing.
  3. And I love how he injects fun in to the business – like the Hawaiian Shirt Fridays. I know ideas like that can seem a little superficial … however, look at it in the context that life’s serious, people are looking for opportunities to smile – and simple ideas like that create a welcome distraction.



Harrison Mallory Interview Transcription



How did a big burly hairy bloke like you get involved in hairdressing?



Well there’s a lot of women in hairdressing so it’s a pretty easy course to navigate when you’re are 17 and trying to work out what you want to do in life.

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