53 must-have features to create the best website for your local business

Designing a local business site can be difficult. There’s tonnes of information on web design best practices on the internet, but you’ll hardly find something that specifically discusses how to design a local business site.

You definitely know the best design principles for a general website. Or at least, you can easily look them up. Any modern CMS includes tonnes of features that you can readily use to build your site. But if you look around the internet how many great local business websites do you see?

Only a few. Why?

A local business’s website needs to be carefully designed. It’s not just about how great it looks. It must convert visitors into customers. And then make sure that those customers keep coming back.

For new website owners, this can be a headache. After all, it doesn’t matter how great your products or services are unless you can attract the customers in the first place.

Recently, the guys at WebAlive published an infographic that shows 53 must-have features for any local business website. This infographic clearly shows you what works best for a local business site and what doesn’t.

I am sure you’ll find this infographic very helpful. I highly recommend using this as a checklist for both you and your developer.




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