How (and why) to create brand consistency.

I call today’s idea the Brand Consistency Hack.

Does your business present itself consistently across all its touch points? Is the logo you use on your business card the same as the one you use on your website? Is the copy you use on your sales brochure the same as what appears in your sales letter? Are all your social media headers the same?

If at this point you’re starting to cringe, knowing that this is not the case, then don’t stress, you’re not alone. I’m amazed at how many businesses I come across whose marketing touch points look as though they’ve been created by 10 different people.

And often they have – with all good intention, they had a logo designed by a graphic designer, but then they had someone else create the stationary, and another person create the Xmas card and someone else the signage.

Well, if there’s one thing we can learn from the top end of town, it’s that brand consistency is critical. That’s why they employ Brand Managers. Look at Apple – their website uses the same design and copy cues as their stores, as does their packaging, signage, instruction manuals and so on. Having a brand that presents itself consistently across all marketing touch points doesn’t have to cost anymore, and it’s bloody good for business.

So, here’s my 3-steps to creating a ridiculously consistent brand:

  1. Conduct an audit of every marketing touch point in your business – in fact, pull them all together and blue tack them up on a wall.
  2. Cringe for just a moment as you realise how embarrassingly inconsistent they are ;0)
  3. Bite the bullet and employ a graphic designer, a web designer and a copywriter to go through with a fine toothcomb and get everything on the same page.

Brand Consistency

Pro-Tip: Don’t underestimate the power of this exercise. As I mentioned earlier, all the big brands do this, as establishes a sense of familiarity amongst your precious prospects and customers.

That’s my 3-steps to creating a ridiculously consistent brand.

Here are some resources to help you bring this low cost marketing idea to life:



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So, what have you got to lose?


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