Multiple revenue streams have created a 7-figure business for swimming coach Brenton Ford | #490

Multiple revenue streams have created a 7-figure business for swimming coach Brenton Ford | #490

If your business is relying on just one source of revenue then it’s time to reconsider your business model.

Swimming coach Brenton Ford did … and now business is going swimmingly.

In fact, he’s about to have his first 7-figure year. And he’s a swimming coach!

Today, it’s a wet-behind-the-ears episode 490 of The (award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing Show as Brenton Ford of Effortless Swimming is here to talk about using multiple revenue streams to increase your business’ traffic and eventually help you earn more.

You’ll get lots of ideas and insights about how you can do this through various offline and online tools, such as training camps, online courses, podcasting, and video content.

Make sure to tune in and find out how you can effectively increase your traffic and revenue.





About Our Guest:

Brenton Ford is a national swimmer and coach who has taught a lot of champion swimmers in Australia. He is also the winner of the Australian National Master Swim Coach of the Year award in 2012. Ford is the brains behind Effortless Swimming, a platform of techniques and workouts to improve his clients’ swimming skills. He aims to share methods that will work for a broader audience across the world. 


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Using Multiple Revenue Streams to Earn More for Your Business

Offline and Online Offers

  • Effortless Swimming holds training camps to help swimmers get better at the sport.
  • This offline offer gave them the opportunity to personally interact with their audience and give them more value.
  • There are a lot of opportunities to strike up connections and build lasting relationships.
  • They offer an online course alongside an annual membership fee.
  • The online course allows people from different parts of the world to experience the services, including Brenton’s analysis of their swimming technique.
  • Client retention: Get the people to use your products and services and show them the value they can get.

Creating Content

  • Design content that matters to your target market.
  • Craft witty and catchy titles.
  • Decide on a schedule for your posts.
  • Use videos to show what you can offer to the market.
  • Chop your video into bite-size snippets that tackle essential points.

Using Social Media

  • Upload your videos on YouTube.
  • Maximize reach by sharing the link on Facebook and Instagram.
  • You may also upload the video on Facebook and Instagram as an Instagram TV episode.

Using Podcast

  • Determine when you are posting your content.
  • Be consistent with your schedule to increase engagement.
  • Include a subtle call to action in each episode.
  • Share stories from real people who benefited from your service or product.
  • Podcasting is an excellent way to reach potential clients and sales.

Getting Traffic and Engagement

  • Entice your audience by giving away free content.
  • Get personal with your audience by hiring a person to help you in answering your email support.
  • Adhere to a strict schedule in posting your content.

Work and Life Balance

  • Finish work ahead of time.
  • Find time for yourself—no emails or phones.
  • Discover or learn a hobby to do when not working, like swimming.


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Catch Brenton’s swimming tips and tricks on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram or tune in to the Effortless Swimming podcast. You may also connect with him on Twitter.

This week’s Monster Prize Draw winner:

Amanda McDonald of The Shower Man Melbourne.

Amanda and her hubby have implemented a huuuuge number of strategies they have heard on the podcast over the past year, and it has seen their business skyrocket. 

Here’s a taste of what they have been doing… 

  • Vehicle wrapping/signwriting on the three work vans/utes.
  • Print material- referral flyers offering free movie tickets per booked referral that we leave at jobs after completion, along with care guides.
  • SEO tweaking using Upworker who has been working with us all year and is doing great.
  • Systemising! This has been the biggest and hardest to implement however we are getting there, now in our work app our guys complete checklists as they do the job and it’s all systemised so that nothing is missed, so now in the office we have a clear picture of when to invoice, and when things are done.
  • I also systemised everything I do and handed 80% of the admin over to a VA I hired in the Philippines.
  • Automated as many tasks as I could.
  • JFDI with Michelle Bridges – this has been pivotal to me actually biting the bullet and making changes and taking on more risk
  • We send automated emails to collect reviews now.
  • We offer a % discount flyer now that gets sent out with a quote for jobs booked within seven days of the quote to create urgency.
  • Started using Zapier.
  • Started using Google Forms for selections instead of a million emails back and forth.
  • Made some small partnerships with others in our industry.
  • Hired a business coach- I now spend dedicated time working on the business instead of in it 24/7, not as much time as I would like but we are getting there.
  • Started screen recordings for my systemising how to’s.
  • Moved everything to G Suite.
  • Outsourcing bookkeeping/payroll.
  • Making blog posts on our website to send to clients with questions instead of us explaining the same thing all the time.
  • Providing a “next level customer experience” to our clients, looking at all their pain points and trying to make every interaction they have with us blow them away.
  • Replaced our email signatures so that they are responsive and market what we do.

This week’s podcast sponsor:

This mind-expanding episode 490 of The (award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing Show is brought to you thanks to Your Ultimate Marketing Resources List.

Thanks also to Charley and the team at Valher Media for putting this episode together.

Tune in to Australia’s favourite marketing podcast to learn more about what it takes to market your brand successfully.

May your marketing be the best marketing.




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